Startup Showcase: Advanced Mobility Research and Development (AMRD) Ltd

Pioneering the Future of Air Travel with Proprietary Technology.

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As the world is moving towards renewable energy, the use of fossil fuels in transportation is still a major source of pollution. In this regard, Advanced Mobility Research and Development (AMRD) Ltd is one of the most promising startups in the UK, aiming to revolutionize the aviation industry by developing both all-electric and hybrid-electric aircraft with the goal of minimizing and eliminating aviation CO2 emissions.

Established in August 2017, AMRD is located within the aerospace hub of the UK, in Bristol. With a team of world-leading engineers and experts, AMRD has been making significant strides in the field of air mobility research and development. Through its cutting-edge research, the company is determined to bring about an aviation revolution that will take us into the future of green travel, with the goal of developing regional all-electric and hybrid aircraft in 19 to 50 seat market segments.

A Pioneer in Air Mobility Innovation

AMRD’s innovative research is focused on designing hybrid and all-electric powertrains that can operate more efficiently with low carbon emissions. The company is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of aviation by developing environment-friendly aircraft. Their use of proprietary technology makes their products highly efficient as well as eco-friendly.

AMRD’s commitment to innovation has resulted in the company being recognized as a pioneer in air mobility innovation, with several awards to its credit. Their range of aircraft products, equipped with efficient and eco-friendly hybrid and all-electric power, offer unparalleled efficiencies and green credentials, making them highly sought after.

Making Air Travel Eco-Friendly and Efficient

With its innovative and forward-thinking approach, AMRD is set to bring about a revolution in air travel. The company’s all-electric and hybrid aircraft all offer unmatched efficiency and green credentials, making them highly desirable for a wide range of applications. Their focus on developing multi-utility urban air mobility vehicles and regional aircraft for 19 to 50 seat market segments is a key factor in their attempt to make air travel eco-friendly and efficient.

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With advanced technology that ensures higher efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, AMRD’s aircraft will not only be environmentally friendly but also highly cost-effective to operate. This will make air travel more affordable and accessible, making it possible for more people to travel and experience the world in a sustainable and responsible manner.


AMRD’s pioneering work in the field of air mobility has the potential to revolutionize air travel and reduce the carbon footprint of aviation significantly. The company’s innovative research and development activities are focused on creating a sustainable aviation industry that will protect the environment while offering efficient and cost-effective air travel solutions.

By developing all-electric and hybrid aircraft with unparalleled efficiencies and eco-friendly credentials, AMRD is poised to transform the way people travel by air, making it an environmentally responsible and sustainable mode of transport. With the expertise and experience of its world-class team of engineers and experts, AMRD promises to create a sustainable aviation industry that is focused on protecting the planet while providing cost-effective air travel solutions.


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