Startup Showcase: Analytics for Sports – Enhancing Performance and Elevating Careers through Sports Technology and Analytics

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Aspiring athletes want to perform better, and coaches want to help their players reach their highest potential. Analytics for Sports (AFS) is here to make that happen. AFS is a startup that focuses on providing on-field performance analysis and scouting for players, coaches, teams, and scouts in the football industry. AFS is bringing affordable, accessible sports technology, and analytics solutions to individuals and teams.

At AFS, we recognize that sports are a significant source of entertainment and revenue in the UK. With thousands of spectators filling stadiums and arenas to cheer on their favorite teams, the pressure for athletes and teams to perform is high. That is why we have developed our solutions to help players and teams elevate their performances and develop the right strategies and capabilities required to consistently win through tactical and analytical insights.

Investing in the Future: AFS at a Glance

AFS was founded in London, England, in 2019, by tech entrepreneurs and avid sports enthusiasts. The company’s innovative and intelligent solutions help coaches and players update their training regimes and enhance their performances. With highly specialized data analytics techniques and technology, AFS accurately identifies physical abilities and limitations, significantly improving players and teams’ tactical abilities.

Understanding the Benefits of Analytics for Performance-Driven Athletes

AFS has revolutionized the way individual athletes, teams, and scouts view sporting performance. By analyzing individual strengths and weaknesses, AFS can provide critical insights into every aspect of a player’s game. From sprint times to player kilometers, our tailored service and analysis can show athletes and coaches where improvements can be made. These insights into their performance help elevate their game to the next level, whether they’re training for their next match, aiming for a top club career or talent scouting.

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Revolutionizing Scouting Techniques for Clubs and Scouts

AFS is taking scouting to the next level. By utilizing the vast amounts of data generated by football today, AFS is using a combination of AI technology and data analysis to identify potential talent. Our in-depth scouting means that clubs don’t need to rely solely on agents to identify talent for them. With the benefit of technology and analysis at their disposal, clubs can be sure they’re getting the best talent.

Aiming for the Top: The Future for AFS

AFS aims to continue to revolutionize both the on-field performance and career development aspects of sports technology and analytics. We want to provide affordable, accessible options for every player and team looking to make the most of their talent. AFS plans to expand its coverage to include additional sports and develop solutions that cater to sports professionals at all levels.


AFS offers sports enthusiasts an innovative solution for performance improvement, career advancement, and scouting analysis. With its focus on sports technology and analytics, AFS is confident in making an impact in the sports industry in the UK and beyond.


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