Startup Showcase: Edgenexus – The Future of Edge Computing

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Edgenexus is a UK-based startup that provides an edge computing platform that includes Load Balancing, WAF, GSLB, and Edge Cloud Computing Technology. It is one of the most elegant, easy-to-use, and flexible platforms in the market. Their innovative products are designed to improve internet speed, while maintaining simplicity and usability.

Their passion for speed has been evident since the beginning of their journey 18 years ago. With an unwavering dedication to simplicity and usability, they strive to create products that are both easy to use and feature-rich. Their challenge lies in balancing both aspects, which has been the driving force of their innovation.

JetNEXUS Loadbalancing- A Quick and Intelligent Way to Balance Network Traffic

Edgenexus’ JetNEXUS Loadbalancing is an ultra-fast, intelligent, and easy-to-use platform that balances network traffic, ensuring maximum uptime and delivering fast, reliable application delivery. It is the ideal solution for enterprises that require reliable and uninterrupted access to their IT systems.

The platform uses various algorithms to distribute network traffic, such as round-robin, least connections, and IP hash. It also provides real-time monitoring of network traffic, allowing users to identify and troubleshoot bottlenecks quickly. Furthermore, JetNEXUS Loadbalancing is easily scalable, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

WAF- Complete Web Application Firewall Protection

Edgenexus’ WAF Web Application Firewall provides complete protection against web-based attacks, protects against application-based vulnerabilities, and blocks malicious traffic. It offers full coverage protection against common attacks, such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and remote file inclusions.

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The WAF provides advanced features like GeoIP blocking, threat intelligence feeds, and customizable rules. It also includes an intuitive UI that simplifies the management of WAF policies.

GSLB- The Global Server Load Balancing Solution

Edgenexus’ GSLB Global Server Load Balancing solution ensures that traffic is efficiently distributed among the available servers, even if they are spread across different geographies. This ensures that enterprises can effectively manage their globally distributed servers while maintaining the highest level of performance.

The GSLB platform balances traffic based on the availability, proximity, and server load. Additionally, it provides DNS failover functionality to ensure that traffic is routed to healthy servers in case of an outage.

Why Choose Edgenexus?

Edgenexus’ top-of-the-line edge computing solutions offer great benefits, including:

  • Significant reduction in downtime and server failure
  • Increased application performance and response times
  • Simplified management of IT infrastructure
  • Greater scalability and flexibility of IT resources
  • Enhanced security features to protect against virtual threats


Edgenexus provides a comprehensive edge computing platform that can improve internet speed, increase IT infrastructure’s uptime, and provide enhanced security for web applications. Their innovative products are designed to be user-friendly and feature-rich, making them great for small and large enterprises alike. Edgenexus provides unmatched performance and flexibility, making them a remarkable choice for any company.


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