Who are Transforming the UK’s Printing Sector with Innovative Startups?

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The development of modern technology has redefined countless sectors and overseas growth, with the printing industry being no exception. The United Kingdom is home to many pioneering startups offering unique, technology-based printing solutions for various industries. Here, we take a closer look and introduce 15 of the leading printing startups based in England.

The companies we have selected are both diverse and innovative, reshaping the traditional view of the printing industry. From 3D printing to SEO, software solutions, and more, these startups are disrupting their fields and leading the way with their technological advances and methodical approaches.

These startups have attracted much attention not only for their technological innovations but also for their ability to meet industry needs in a way that’s environmentally friendly and efficient, with some even contributing significantly to the medical field. In no particular order, here are these 15 startups:


Founded by Joe Kaul, ONQOR Group is a standout player in the marketing and technology sector. They are known for their printing expertise and also offer graphic design, photography, SEO, software, video, and web design.

Xcavate Robotics

Senake Atureliya dedicated his passion for environmental sustainability when founding Xcavate Robotics. The startup provides an interesting blend of 3D printing, architecture, property development, and sustainable technologies.

Mail Metro Media

Mail Metro Media is a pioneer in the advertising and digital media sectors, with additional focus in printing and publishing.

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Operating under the name CYLNDR, this media production company offers services in photography and creative technology, as well as traditional and digital marketing.

Dibbsto 3D Printers Uk

Dibbsto 3D Printers UK is an online technology store offering various print-related products and software, focusing heavily on 3D printing technology.

Southside Print

Southside Print has swiftly grown into a well-reputed 3D commercial printing company, producing high-quality prints for a wide variety of clients.


Founded by Rabik Raja, Fazlaket provides on-demand personalized printed goods, bringing a personal touch to the ecommerce and fashion industries.

Eye Dream

Abhishek Sehgal founded Eye Dream to revolutionize the vision care industry. The startup allows eye prescriptions via smartphone and works in 3D printing, eyewear, healthcare, and health diagnostics spheres.


Regarded as the next big thing in the marketplace, Extrude leverages on 3D printing to offer web and mobile app services.


Founded by Jun Kamei, Amphibio uses 3D printing to make a disruptive amphibious garment which functions as a gill.

Altai Digital Ltd

Based in London, Uygar Turantekin’s Altai Digital Ltd provides high-quality digital print solutions.

Co Print

Co Print uses technology to provide innovative development strategies for the 3D Printer industry and mechanical engineering.

Wayland Additive

Will Richardson’s Wayland Additive Limited is defining new realms of electron beam 3D printing from its base in West-Yorkshire.

Salt Studio

Another master in providing full-service digital, print and marketing solutions is Salt Studio.


Lastly, Printt is an easy-to-use, on-demand printing app that lets clients print all their documents with ease, embodying the invaluable service apps can offer in the digital age.

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These 15 startups have propelled England to the forefront of the printing industry. Their innovations and solutions paint a bright future for the whole sector, and we look forward to seeing how they continue to grow and shape the industry.

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