Which Are the Most Influential UK Marketplace Startups in 2023?

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In our increasingly digital world, marketplace startups are at the centre of redefining how we buy, sell, and trade goods and services. By facilitating transactions between consumers and providers, these companies are shaping not only the way business is done, but also how we perceive value in this data-driven age. This article profiles 15 of the most interesting marketplace startups from the UK, offering a glimpse into the digital future of commerce in the country.

From delivering personalised medicine to facilitating worldwide direct selling, these startups cover a diverse range of industries and services. In each case, the entrepreneurial spirit is accompanied by a dedication to harness the power of modern technology to provide innovative, sustainable, and customer-oriented solutions. This fresh approach to commerce is what sets these startups apart, fueling their expansion and driving their success.

As we explore these startups, it is interesting to note the common threads that drive them. They all seek to disrupt traditional industries, leverage technology to create efficiencies, and put the consumer (or business, in the case of B2B models) at the centre of their operations. read on to learn more about the 15 marketplace startups that are shaping the future of commerce in the UK.


Co-founded by Justin Hodnett, Buuy is an E-Commerce, Marketplace, Shopping startup. Buuy is a global marketplace that allows sellers from across the world to easily join and list items to sell. With a simple interface and a far-reaching network, it is sitting up to make a dent in the global e-commerce space.

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Ayok’a is a marketplace co-founded by Alice Gbelia. It specializes in Retail and offers fun and exclusive art prints, fashion and tech accessories designed by black artists. The platform showcases the vibrancy and diversity of black art, giving a platform for creators to reach a wider audience.


Founded by Jacob Corlett, Shift is an innovative on-demand technology platform. Focused on the logistics market, it provides services incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Delivery, Internet, Logistics, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, and Software. This contributes to streamlining the logistics market for consumers and businesses alike.


AkinovA, founded by Henri Winand and Jean-Michel Paul, is an electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of (re)insurance risks. Within the realm of Enterprise Software, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech, and Marketplace, it stands out as an innovative solution to age-old problems.

Sano Genetics

Sanogenetics is a personalised medicine research platform co-founded by Charlotte Guzzo, Patrick Short, and William Jones. It operates within the areas of Biotechnology, Health Care, Information Technology, Marketplace, and Real Time. With data privacy and transparency at its core, it is helping to reshape the perception of personalised medicine.


With a focus on B2B e-commerce, SouqBox is a dedicated marketplace platform founded by Campbell Murray. If you sell products B2B and want to go online, SouqBox makes it easy to establish a professional, trustworthy presence.


Founded by Hara Mihailidou, Todelli is a type of Restaurants, Marketplace startup. It allows customers to discover unique high-quality fine food & drinks products directly from the makers. By connecting artisan food producers with consumers, it provides a unique dining experience.

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Villge is an association and a marketplace focusing on Education, Health Care, and Non-Profit, co-founded by Dean Eastwood and Lee-Anne Eastwood. It is a trusted community of support for families and those working with them.

Collection Hub

Collection Hub, co-founded by Simone Bertolone, is a groundbreaking marketplace for debt collection. It connects global companies struggling with unpaid account receivables with local debt collectors. Operating within the realm of Credit, Debt Collections, Finance, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, and Marketplace, it is a crucial player in the financial landscape.


Kidkin is a SaaS-enabled marketplace for kids activities co-founded by Dmitry Papulin, Elizaveta (Liza) Vratskikh, and Vitaly Kovalev. With its presence in the Apps, E-Commerce, EdTech, Marketplace, Parenting, SaaS, Sharing Economy fields, this startup provides a reliable and safe platform for children’s activities.

Hotel Treats

Hotel Treats, founded by Bogdan Dziewierz, Kasia Pankowska, and Liza Iakovleva, is a SaaS e-commerce platform & marketplace for luxury hotels to sell gift vouchers and experiences online. With a focus on the E-Commerce, Gift Card, Hospitality, Hotel, Marketplace, and SaaS industries, this startup is revolutionising the luxury hotel industry.

InsureX Technologies

InsureX Technologies, co-founded by Cristina Dolan, Ingemar Svensson, and Mikael Olofsson, offers a potential game-changing solution for insurance based on blockchain. Placed within the FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech, Marketplace, Software industries, it is providing a fresh perspective on how to address insurance problems.


Autofixa, founded by Graham Broughton, Joe Tarragano, and Laurence Guy, is a specialist automotive marketplace. It enables OEM’s, Brands & Retailers to sell parts domestically and globally. Its focus on the Automotive, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Retail industries makes it a player to watch.

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Scan.com, co-founded by Charlie Bullock, Joe Daniels, and Khalid Latief, operates within the Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Marketplace, Medical industries. The all-in-one scanner is set to revolutionise diagnostic medicine.


Numeos is a FinTech, open-banking, and distribution startup co-founded by Farid Sedjelmaci. Positioned within the B2B, Financial Services, FinTech, Marketplace industries, it offers the potential to reshape the nature of digital banking and distribution.

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