Startup Showcase: Bolda – Revolutionizing the Furniture and Homeware Industry

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As retail businesses increasingly move online, it has become essential to have an efficient tool that can aid in making informed decisions in real-time. This is where Bolda, a startup based in Altrincham, Cheshire, comes in – with its aim to help retailers in the furniture and homeware industry save time by collecting the data they need and making more informed decisions quickly.

The Need for Bolda in the Furniture Industry

Retailers are dealing with a lot more information these days, as consumers increasingly make decisions online. As the data available online continues to increase exponentially, data collection and analysis remain key challenges for furniture and homeware retailers. Bolda aims to fill this gap by providing a tool that enables retailers to keep track of the competition, monitor industry trends and stay ahead of emerging brands.

How Bolda Works

Bolda captures and analyses data to provide retailers with real-time insights for quick decision-making. Through its partnerships with retailers and brands, Bolda aims to create a unique tool that will help retailers in the furniture and homeware industry to increase sales and margins, while taking advantage of market opportunities as they arise.

The Benefits of Bolda for Retailers

Bolda provides retailers with a range of benefits including real-time pricing and promotion analysis, insights into emerging retailers in the market, and new ideas for styles and finishes. By using Bolda, retailers can save time and make more informed decisions quickly, which will ultimately help them increase their bottom line.

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Bolda is revolutionizing the furniture and homeware industry by providing a tool that enables retailers to make more informed decisions in real-time. By collecting and analysing data, Bolda aims to help retailers react to pricing and promotions faster, monitor their closest competitors, gather inspiration and understand trends to aid them with their offers. With the increased competition in the furniture and homeware industry, Bolda offers retailers a unique tool that can help them stay ahead of the competition.





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