Startup Showcase: Uncrowd – Revolutionizing Customer Analytics for Market Share Growth

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As the world becomes more digital, it has become increasingly challenging for retailers to capture customer attention and loyalty. The ability to offer a seamless and personalized experience has become a key factor in determining success, and retailers who fail to meet customers’ expectations risk losing market share. Uncrowd, an Oxford-based startup, has developed a groundbreaking customer analytics platform to help retailers measure their relative customer experience (CX) performance and understand how to improve it to win more shopper missions.

Uncrowd’s Friction/Reward Indexing™ (FRi™) answers retail’s most fundamental question: “Why do customers choose retailer X over retailer Y?” This unique platform combines integrated AI and machine learning to provide unparalleled insights into shopper preference, behaviors, and likelihood to buy. With actionable insights that make shopping easier, reduce friction, increase reward, and optimize budgets, retailers can slash churn, increase customer acquisition spend, and improve CX budgets in general.

Friction/Reward Indexing™: The Holy Grail of Retail Analytics

Uncrowd’s FRi™ platform is the first of its kind in the industry. By analyzing friction and reward factors that influence customer behavior, the platform offers a holistic view of CX performance. The platform helps retailers to identify safe opportunities to reduce costs while operationally and strategically optimizing effort. With this information, retailers can win more shopper missions as the preferred option, leading to increased market share growth.

Friction/Reward Indexing™ Vs. Other Metrics

The Friction/Reward Index™ is superior to other metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat). While these metrics are useful, they only provide limited insights into CX performance. In contrast, the Friction/Reward Index™ combines multiple data sources to provide a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the customer journey. With this data, retailers can make strategic decisions that improve the overall customer experience and drive business growth.

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Unlocking Additional Operating Profit with FRi™

Uncrowd’s platform has been proven to deliver significant returns for retailers. Most retailers who use FRi™ unlock at least $1 million in additional operating profit. This is because FRi™ provides retailers with valuable insights that can be used to improve CX performance, reduce costs, and drive market share growth.


Uncrowd is revolutionizing the retail industry with its groundbreaking customer analytics platform. With Friction/Reward Indexing™, retailers can gain a holistic understanding of CX performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and win more shopper missions. The platform’s actionable insights make shopping easier, reduce friction, and increase reward, while optimizing budgets and reducing costs. With this information, retailers can make strategic decisions that improve the overall customer experience and drive business growth.





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