Startup Showcase: Games Without Frontiers – Redefining Business Simulations

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Games Without Frontiers is revolutionizing the way businesses learn and train by providing simulation software that accelerates their understanding of how to succeed. As the only people-first, business gaming, and technology providers in the world, Games Without Frontiers is dedicated to creating team experiences that deepen knowledge and drive success.

Taster of ROCKET Business Simulation

Imagine being parachuted into an existing business and tasked with running it for the next year’s trade – in just a morning. That’s exactly what Games Without Frontiers offers with their ROCKET Business Simulation “taster” experience. This short burst of ROCKET shows businesses what can be achieved in a single day, taking them on an emotional rollercoaster and leaving their heads bursting with ideas.

Challenging and Fun

ROCKET is not for the faint of heart. Being put in a room with 14 others, told you are the new team to take over an existing company, is daunting. However, it’s precisely this challenge that makes it so effective. Participants will laugh, question, make assumptions, and maybe even point fingers of blame. But one thing is certain – they will immediately sense parallels in their own businesses and start seeing how they can apply the elements that make their ROCKET team successful to their own world.

Games Without Frontiers’ Approach

Games Without Frontiers’ approach to simulation software is unique. They believe that by focusing on the human element of business success, they can drive a deeper level of understanding and engagement. By immersing teams in realistic scenarios, Games Without Frontiers provides an opportunity for participants to learn by doing, rather than simply reading a manual or watching a presentation. This approach fosters teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, all of which are crucial for success in any business.

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Games Without Frontiers is redefining the way businesses approach learning and training through their innovative simulation software. Their unique focus on the human element of business success sets them apart and provides businesses with the skills they need to drive success. With their challenging and fun approach, Games Without Frontiers is poised to help businesses achieve their goals and create a better future.





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