Startup Showcase: Bolide – The High-Yield Aggregator of Self-Custody Yield Protocol

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Are you a crypto investor looking for an efficient way to earn passive income? Look no further than Bolide, the self-custody yield protocol that offers some of the highest returns in the market. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive into how Bolide works, why it’s efficient, and their vision for the future.

What is Bolide?

Bolide is a self-custody DeFi platform and high-yield aggregator that allows you to keep control of your own BTC, ETH, USDT, and other crypto assets while still earning high returns. With advanced algorithms and smart contracts, Bolide makes your money work twice as hard by providing liquidity to decentralized markets and extracting lending fees from lending protocols. In just 7 months since launching its first strategy, Bolide has already achieved a TVL of $6.7M.

Efficiency at Its Finest

One of Bolide’s biggest selling points is its efficiency. The team uses advanced algorithms to identify the best investment opportunities for high yields, while smart contracts execute trades quickly and safely. Bolide’s investment strategies have proven to be highly successful, with some of the highest yields in the market. Their unique approach of providing liquidity to decentralized markets and extracting fees from lending protocols sets them apart from other DeFi platforms.

A Vision for the Future

Bolide’s goal is to be a simple and user-friendly one-stop-shop for retail crypto investors to earn passive income. They believe that everyone should have access to the new financial system while maintaining control over their assets. Their team of seasoned professionals from larger global tech giants is committed to bringing the best in-class retail DeFi product to the market. With a focus on user adoption between the web2 and web3 worlds, Bolide is aiming to become a multi-chain application with free gas-less and cross-chain transactions.

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Investing in Bolide

Bolide has already raised $3.4 million in the $BLID token pre-sale, and now it’s opened a Seed Round fundraising to become a multi-chain application. If you’re interested in investing in Bolide, their Seed Round is open now. By investing in Bolide, you’re not only supporting a promising DeFi platform, but you’re also investing in the future of finance.




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