Startup Showcase: IRIS Biometrics – Wave Your Way to Enhanced Security and Streamlined Operations

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Are you tired of fumbling with keycards, passwords, and PINs to access your building or services? Do you want to offer your customers a seamless and secure way to access your products or facilities? Look no further than IRIS Biometrics, the cloud-based biometrics solution that lets you access, identify, and pay with just a wave.

How IRIS Works

IRIS uses cutting-edge multi-modal hand recognition technology to create a unique biometric identifier for each user. This means that users can simply wave their hand over an IRIS scanner to access a building, clock in, access restricted areas, and make purchases – all without the need for traditional forms of identification.

IRIS is also designed to be user-friendly and customizable, with a range of scanning devices and deployment options available to suit your specific needs. Whether you need a countertop scanner for point-of-sale terminals or a mobile scanner for on-the-go authentication, IRIS has you covered.

IRIS and Digital Access

In addition to physical access control, IRIS is also a powerful tool for digital access. With its API, businesses can integrate IRIS into their existing systems, such as computer networks and websites. This makes it easy for customers and employees to access services and products without the need for passwords or PINs, enhancing security and efficiency.

IRIS and Service Industries

For service-based industries such as hotels, spas, and gyms, IRIS can offer a more personalized and efficient experience for customers. With IRIS, customers can easily check-in, access their rooms or facilities, and even make purchases – all with just a wave of their hand.

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Global Citizen ID is another innovative feature of IRIS, which can be used by governments and airports, allowing citizens to travel and access services without the need for traditional forms of identification.


IRIS Biometrics is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and enhance security. With its cutting-edge multi-modal hand recognition technology, businesses can provide a seamless and secure way for their customers and employees to access their services and products. Upgrade your business operations with IRIS Biometrics today.

Website: https://iris.ic

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