Startup Showcase: BrandStock – Revolutionizing E-Commerce and Logistics with Green Delivery Network

Green, Carbon-Reducing Solutions for Faster and Cleaner Last-Mile Deliveries

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As the world goes greener, businesses are looking for innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. In the logistics and e-commerce industry, the last-mile delivery has been a puzzling challenge for years, due to the massive use of polluting diesel and petrol-engine vehicles. But Bill McPherson, the founder of BrandStock Industries, has taken the challenge and is pioneering a novel solution that can revolutionize the way we deliver and shop online – a green delivery network. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at BrandStock’s visionary goals and their journey so far.

About BrandStock

BrandStock is a UK-based startup that is developing an in-house franchised distribution network, Green Mile Logistics Limited, to address the issues caused by dirty last-mile deliveries. The green delivery network will operate using electric vehicles, enabling retailers to have access to eco-friendly and cost-effective delivery options that make a significant impact on reducing their carbon emissions. BrandStock is also building a global omni-channel platform and app that could help retailers to sell their surplus and end of season stock to customers.

BrandStock Offers an End-to-End Sustainable E-commerce Solution

BrandStock aspires to become a one-stop solution for retailers that want to embrace sustainable e-commerce practices. The company is not only developing a green delivery network to offer environment-friendly last-mile delivery services but is also positioning itself to support retailers in their attempts to become carbon-neutral. By offering the omni-channel platform, BrandStock can enable retailers to sell surplus and clearance items, allowing them to minimize waste and make the most out of their surplus stock. In the near future, BrandStock aims to further enhance the platform using Automated Processes (UiPath), Engaging with the Post Buying Experience (NarVar), Visual AI to improve Search Functionality (Pixyle AI), and World-Class Merchant Checkout Facilities (Stripe) – making it a complete digital e-commerce solution.

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The Growing Team Behind BrandStock

With Bill McPherson leading BrandStock Industries, he brings over 20 years of experience in the Logistics Industry. His expertise, combined with his passion for sustainability, has been the driving force behind the company’s mission to build a green delivery network. Bill is supported by an experienced team that has the right skill set, passion, and experience to grow the business further. From Sales and Business Development to Strategy, Finance, and Customer Experience, the BrandStock team has everything it takes to lead the company successfully into the future.

Contact BrandStock Today!

BrandStock Industries is a forward-thinking startup that is committed to developing sustainable solutions to modern-day e-commerce challenges. The future looks promising, and Brandstock is on the cusp of becoming a game-changer for retailers and the environment. If you’re interested in learning more about their plans and vision, please feel free to contact BrandStock today.





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