Startup Showcase: Cardition – The App Revolutionizing Business Cards

Connect with your favourite businesses like never before with Cardition.

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In today’s fast-paced world, where consumers are constantly on the lookout for quick and easy solutions, businesses need to keep up with the times. Cardition, a London-based startup, is doing just that by bringing business cards to the digital age. Cardition is a web and mobile application that allows businesses and consumers to connect via virtual cards, revolutionizing the way they interact with one another.

Interactive Business Cards for the Digital Age

Cardition has re-imagined the concept of business cards by making them interactive, shareable, and easy to store. The app allows businesses to create virtual cards, also known as Card-Apps, that can be customized with different features and functions. The Card-App can display images of services and products, contact details, and social media links all in one place. It can also include loyalty points, menus, and the ability to accept orders and payments.

An Aggregator of Business Cards

Cardition becomes an aggregator, holding all the virtual cards of a cardholder’s favourite businesses in one place. This makes it easier for consumers to connect with businesses and receive updates on new offers, discounts, or rewards. It is also a powerful marketing tool for businesses, as Cardition users can create and share lists of their favourite businesses, making them visible to their friends and family.

Versatile Organizer with a Social Aspect

Cardition is not just an organizer for virtual cards, but it also has a strong social aspect. Cardition users can communicate directly with businesses, chat with them, and ask questions, making it a powerful marketing arena. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded using QR codes or the search engine.

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Differences from Other Business Card Apps

Cardition differs from other digital business card apps, such as Camcard, Eight, Cards, and Evernote, by making virtual cards interactive, shareable, and storable. Cardition users have access to features that other digital business card apps do not offer, such as organizing Card-Apps into lists, receiving automatic updates, and chatting directly with businesses while keeping their privacy intact.

Upcoming Features

Cardition is constantly improving its features to offer the best possible user experience. The app’s upcoming features include the use of data-over-sound acoustic QR, enabling businesses to broadcast the virtual card on radio, TV, and other sound sources. Businesses will also be able to display videos in addition to images to further their brand, and accept payments via the app.

Cardition is revolutionizing the way businesses and consumers connect with each other. By bringing business cards to the digital age, it is making it easier for businesses to market their services and products, while also providing quality customer service to consumers. Cardition is an app that everyone can benefit from, making it a must-have for all smartphone users.


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