Startup Showcase: Solvemed Group Revolutionizes Neurology Diagnostics

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Are you tired of not knowing the cause of your neurological symptoms? Solvemed Group is here to change that. In this startup showcase, we will explore how Solvemed Group is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize neurology diagnostics.

Solvemed Group is a UK-based startup that is changing the way we diagnose and treat neurological diseases. With their proprietary machine learning technology, they are developing novel diagnostic-predictive digital biomarkers that enable accurate, early and cost-effective diagnostic and monitoring tools. Their focus is on Parkinson’s disease, but their technology could be used for other neurodegenerative diseases in the future.

Why neurology diagnostics need a revolution

Neurology diagnostics today are inadequate for several reasons. First, they are often subjective, relying on observations and measurements that are prone to human error. Second, they are costly and time-consuming, requiring multiple visits to specialists and often expensive imaging tests. Third, they are often late in detecting the disease, missing the window of opportunity for early intervention.

Solvemed Group’s Solution

Solvemed Group’s solution is to use AI to analyze large amounts of data from various sources, including wearable devices, medical records, and imaging tests, to identify patterns that can predict the onset and progression of the disease accurately. This technology provides a way to monitor patients remotely, minimizing costs and inconvenience. Physicians can use these biomarkers to differentiate Parkinson’s from other neurodegenerative diseases and monitor the progression of the disease’s symptoms. This technology is revolutionizing neurology diagnostics and making access to treatment more efficient.

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Revolutionizing drug discovery

In addition to improving diagnosis and monitoring, Solvemed Group’s technology can also revolutionize drug discovery. By using their proprietary biosensors, they can identify target molecules and pathways affected by the disease. This information can be used to develop drugs that can modify the disease’s progression rather than just treating the symptoms.


Solvemed Group is a startup that is revolutionizing neurology diagnostics by leveraging the power of AI. Their innovative solution provides early, accurate and cost-effective diagnostics and monitoring tools that improve treatment outcomes and patient care. Their work has the potential to improve healthcare systems and reduce the financial burden imposed by inadequate diagnostics. Solvemed Group is changing the way we diagnose and treat neurological diseases and is a company to keep an eye on.




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