Startup Showcase: TapTrip – Revolutionizing Business Travel Management

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Are you tired of the tedious and complicated process of booking business travel? Look no further than TapTrip, the Manchester-based startup that is changing the game of travel management for businesses of all sizes.

TapTrip’s Mission and Unique Offerings

Founded in 2016, TapTrip’s mission is to make business travel simpler, faster, and more efficient for both travelers and their managers. With their cutting-edge technology, TapTrip is providing travel management companies with the tools to bring business travel online for SMBs, marine, energy, and resources companies. TapTrip’s user-friendly interface and cost-effective system provide a seamless booking process, saving time and reducing errors while offering significant savings.

TapTrip’s Impressive Awards and Recognitions

TapTrip’s successful launch has not gone unnoticed in the travel industry. Named “One to Watch” in the Buying Business Travel 2019 Hotlist, TapTrip was listed as one of the top five startups in the travel management space for 2018 by the Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC). The recognition continued with a finalist spot for Best Self-Booking Tool at the Business Travel Awards 2020, followed by a Disrupt Launchpad Award at the 2019 Business Travel Show.

TapTrip’s Marine & Energy Sector Focus

One of TapTrip’s significant focus areas is the marine & energy sector. Travel Management Companies resell TapTrip to these companies to manage travel crew rotations between cargo ships, oil rigs, offshore drilling sites, and more. TapTrip’s system simplifies the booking process, manages crew rosters, and ensures compliance with industry regulations, among other things. Many marine & energy companies have integrated TapTrip into their workflows, among them James Fisher and Sons, a Fortune 500 company.

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TapTrip is billing itself as a game-changer in travel management, offering companies and travel agencies an easy-to-use and effective platform to book business travel. With a growing list of accolades and recognition within the industry, TapTrip’s affordable and user-friendly interface is well placed to capture the market’s attention. So whether you’re in need of a smooth booking experience or managing a marine & energy team’s travel arrangements, TapTrip has got you covered.


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