Startup Showcase: Women in CX – Fusing Community, Education, and Networking for Women in CX

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Women in CX is a London-based startup that offers a unique approach to community-based career pathway development for women in customer-oriented roles. The platform is founded by women for women, with a mission to fix the broken rung in the corporate ladder for female executives. Women in CX aims to offer a scalable model with niche-ability that supports the ladder required to climb to the top, while fusing community, education, networking, and events for women in customer-oriented roles.

With the growing need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the corporate world, Women in CX strives to create a safe space for women to thrive and advance in their careers. The platform offers a monthly subscription model for community codesign and ownership that guides and drives product and service development, with unparalleled engagement. Additionally, members can purchase add-ons based on specific learning, networking, and mentorship needs.

Building a Community

Women in CX is building a vibrant community of women that provides support, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Members can connect with each other on a private social network, participate in online training and events, and attend local meet-ups and in-person conferences. The platform offers a social pricing model that enables women who are experiencing social and economic barriers to participate with 50% lower fees. They also have a scholarship available for women who are out of work to help them to return to the workforce.

Empowering Women in Customer-Oriented Roles

Women in CX is a significant player in empowering women in customer-oriented roles. The platform provides women with the necessary resources and tools to excel in their careers, including leadership development, management training, and networking opportunities. They offer several programs, including a CX foundations course, CX masterclasses, and mentorship opportunities.

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Investment for Growth and Innovation

Women in CX is seeking to raise funding to accelerate its growth and innovate its product offerings to fulfil the demand from its existing and future pipeline. The platform has conducted in-depth research with its members to develop the next evolution of its business model, catering to the specific needs and demands of women in customer-oriented roles.


In a world where women face considerable challenges in climbing the corporate ladder, Women in CX offers a necessary solution to empower women in customer-oriented roles. The platform has already made significant strides in building a community of women, offering necessary resources and tools, and fostering a safe space for women to thrive. With its unique and scalable business model, Women in CX is poised to make a significant impact in the corporate world, ensuring that women have a level playing field to excel in their careers.


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