Startup Showcase: Catapillr – Making Childcare Affordable and Easy for Working Parents

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As a startup showcase, we are excited to introduce Catapillr, a UK-based technology company that is paving the way for working parents to manage childcare costs more affordably and seamlessly. Catapillr offers the Childcare Cash Advance Scheme (C-CAS) to employers as a voluntary employee benefit or to individual parents. This scheme allows parents to gain some financial relief for their childcare needs in the early years and school-age stages. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at what Catapillr offers and the benefits of C-CAS.

What is C-CAS?

The Childcare Cash Advance Scheme offered by Catapillr is a medium that helps both working parents and employers to better manage childcare costs. Essentially, it is an online account, mobile app, and marketplace where parents can use an interest-free loan to pay for Ofsted (or equivalent) registered childcare providers or companies/organizations who provide childcare activities. With C-CAS, parents can choose from a range of childcare service providers who accept payment from the digital portal.

Using C-CAS as an Employee Benefit

The C-CAS scheme is something that employers can offer to their employees as a voluntary benefit. Participating employers provide their staff with a 12-month loan that is interest-free and paid directly into the employee’s online C-CAS account. This account can then be used to pay childcare providers that accept payment through the digital portal. Catapillr’s C-CAS scheme can offer employers lower staff turnover, improved productivity, and a unique recruitment tool for parents looking for companies that offer childcare benefits.

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How it Works for Individual Users

C-CAS is not exclusive to those with employer participation. Parents who wish to participate in C-CAS can register through the Catapillr website, and they will have access to an interest-free loan that will be paid directly into their digital account. This process is incredibly fast, and once the money has been deposited, parents are free to browse through childcare providers that accept C-CAS payment and choose the one that best suits their needs.

User Convenience & Flexibility

The C-CAS digital platform offers parents with a convenient and straightforward way of managing their childcare expenses. From the digital portal, they can browse through a variety of childcare service providers, make payments, and track all the transactions made from their account. With Catapillr, parents no longer need to worry about juggling multiple bills from different providers, as the platform offers a one-stop-shop for childcare payments. Also, the scheme offers a lot of flexibility, as users can use the loan to pay for a wide range of childcare providers such as sports and activity clubs, after-school clubs, tutors, and more.


Catapillr is a company that offers an innovative solution to the problems that working parents face when it comes to childcare expenses. The Childcare Cash Advance Scheme offered by Catapillr helps to take away some of the financial burdens associated with childcare costs. The process is simple to use, and the digital portal offers users with features that allow them to manage all of their childcare expenses in one place. For more information on Catapillr’s C-CAS scheme and services, visit their website or connect with them on their social media platforms.

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