Startup Showcase: Human AI – Revolutionizing Psychological Data Analytics with Generative AI

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Human AI is turning heads in the industry for its innovative use of Generative AI in the world of psychology-based data analytics and insights. Founded in 2017, this Leicester-based startup is carving out a niche in the AI market with its groundbreaking technology that utilizes an application of contemporary neural theory to identify and engage with users’ current psychological state.

Introducing GPO-1 – The World’s Only Generative Psycholinguistic Orienter

Human AI’s flagship product is GPO-1 – the world’s only Generative Psycholinguistic Orienter. GPO-1 is trained on real-life contextual human conversations, and it is designed to use an innovative application of contemporary neural theory to identify and engage with the user’s current psychological state. This front-end technology enables two-way conversations instead of merely transmitting messages in the style of Q&A.

Psychological Data Analytics and Insights

GPO-1 dynamically works with the hidden 98% (the user’s psychology) to create a short-, mid-, and long-term context, infer perceptions and perspectives about the user, and modify the user experience. Using this revolutionary technology, Human AI enables organizations to draw down hundreds, thousands, and even millions of social interactions into a central repository that creates a unique data layer within the organization. This data can provide analytics and insights, creating machine-speed strategic analysis, including simulations and future user behavior forecasting.

Proactively Acting on Information

Human AI’s GPO-1 can proactively act on information, identifying user anxiety, and seamlessly introducing psychotherapy support as a natural part of the conversation. By focusing on the user’s psychological state and using advanced technology, Human AI has created an intelligent and empathetic conversationer.

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Virtual Companion for Mental Health Support

Human AI’s first application of this ground-breaking technology is already deployed as a Virtual Companion that provides support to people exploring and resolving mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Their machine-speed, intuitive psychotherapy support tool provides comfort and helps individuals work through their issues in real-time.


Human AI’s Generative Psycholinguistic Orienter is transforming the way organizations and individuals interact with psychological data, analytics, and insights. By focusing on the user’s psychological state, their advanced technology provides a unique and empathetic conversationer, creating a personalised and intuitive psychotherapy support tool for people in need.





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