Startup Showcase: Cloud Cycle Industries: Revolutionizing the Concrete Industry

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Concrete is a vital construction material, but its production is contributing to a significant portion of global CO2 emissions. Fortunately, Cloud Cycle Industries is determined to change that. In this startup showcase, we delve into how the London-based company is innovating the concrete industry through advanced technology and the circular economy.

A Green Solution for the Concrete Industry

Startup Showcase: When it comes to concrete production, the significant amount of waste and carbon emissions are daunting challenges, both financially and environmentally. With Cloud Cycle’s revolutionary technology, the concrete industry can now achieve better management of concrete quality, reduce waste, save money, and most importantly, slash carbon emissions.

How Cloud Cycle is Changing the Game

Cloud Cycle’s innovative platform is transforming the concrete industry in three significant ways:

  • Concrete Quality Assurance: Cloud Cycle’s on-truck device and sensor array provide real-time data to the cloud platform, which ensures that the concrete meets the required specifications. By leveraging AI-powered analytics, the platform also enables providers to manage the quality of their concrete in a more efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Waste Reduction: In the UK alone, the cost of waste in the concrete industry is around £400 million. Cloud Cycle’s marketplace for the sale of surplus concrete ensures that even when surplus occurs, it won’t go to waste. The platform facilitates the local on-sale of surplus concrete, finding a buyer for it and reducing the amount going to landfill.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The concrete industry produces a significant amount of CO2 emissions, but with Cloud Cycle’s innovative technology, concrete production can become a more sustainable industry. The platform can reduce global CO2 emissions by up to 1%, contributing to more sustainable construction practices.
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Cloud Cycle Industries is leveraging advanced technology and the circular economy to revolutionize the concrete industry. The company is working towards creating a greener future while saving the concrete industry billions. With its innovative platform, concrete production can become a more sustainable and cost-efficient industry.


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