Startup Showcase: Collective Benefits – Insurance & Benefits for Independent Workers

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Empowering Independent Workers

Collective Benefits is a company dedicated to improving the financial wellbeing of independent workers in the UK. The company provides insurance and other benefits to help support independent workers, right from the care providers who look after our loved ones, to the delivery drivers who bring food to our doorstep. The unique approach of Collective is to work closely with on-demand platforms to help provide better protection for these workers. So, in this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive deeper into what makes Collective Benefits so unique.

Working With On-Demand Platforms

In the current gig economy climate, people working in the gig economy suffer disproportionately from a lack of benefits like healthcare, pension, or holiday leave. Often these workers need to work long hours to make a living, and any interruption like illness, accident or even a vacation can have serious financial repercussions. Collective Benefits recognized this issue and started building relationships with the on-demand platforms in the UK.

By partnering with platforms like Deliveroo, Uber, Stuart, and many others, Collective Benefits is creating opportunities for these platforms to invest in employee wellbeing. The company offers a range of benefits, including insurance, financial planning, and other support services, to give independent workers a more stable financial foundation while working in the gig economy. This approach is mutually beneficial, as the platforms can provide better support for their workers, boosting retention rates, and also build trust among their customer base.

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Gaining Momentum with Backing from Industry Leaders

Collective Benefits has gained significant traction since it started.”We’ve got backing from the people behind Deliveroo, Zoopla and Cazoo, and have been featured in The Economist, TechCrunch and The Times (to name a few),” says the company’s website. Collective’s investors have also acknowledged the potential for the company’s growth to support independent workers, with Zoopla’s founder, Alex Chesterman, and other angel investors providing financial support.

The Future of Collective Benefits

Collective Benefits has grand plans for the future. The company is working to expand operations across the UK and Europe, and is actively forming new partnerships with on-demand platforms. The company is also looking at ways to offer more tailored services to different segments of the gig economy. For example, some independent workers are self-employed, others work under umbrella companies, and many are part-time. Collective Benefits is looking to create different plans for different types of workers, ensuring the most flexible and effective support for each group.


Collective Benefits is a company that is transforming the way we think about independent work. It is creating new models of support that were previously unavailable, expanding the safety net for independent workers, and providing better access to the benefits that so many of us take for granted. For its unique approach and its mission to empower independent workers, we believe Collective Benefits is a company worth keeping an eye on.


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