Startup Showcase: SayStyle – Animation Studio Revolutionizing TV & Internet Ads

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Are you tired of watching the same old boring TV and internet commercials? SayStyle is here to revolutionize the advertising industry with their engaging and fun-to-watch animated videos. SayStyle is the UK’s leading animation studio providing an alternative solution to expensive and dull live-action commercials by offering animated broadcast commercial, explainer, and promotional videos.

SayStyle’s Mission: Keeping Your Brand in Motion

At SayStyle, they understand that the key to a successful marketing campaign is through effective storytelling. This is why they offer animated videos that can tell your brand’s story in a unique and engaging way. They believe that animation can capture the essence of your brand and present it in a visually appealing way. It’s all about keeping your brand in motion, and SayStyle is here to do just that.

Animated Videos: The Future of Advertising

Animated videos are quickly becoming the future of advertising. With the rise of social media and internet-based marketing, animated videos have become a vital tool for businesses to achieve their marketing goals. SayStyle offers various kinds of animations, including 2D animation, infographic animation/motion graphic animation and whiteboard animation. You can choose any of the techniques based on your specific needs and interests.

SayStyle’s Process: From Concept to Delivery

SayStyle follows a four-step process to ensure the delivery of high-quality animated videos. It all starts with the concept phase, where they work closely with you to understand your brand and create a unique concept. Then, they move on to the storyboard phase, where they create a visual representation of your brand’s story. After that, they start the animation phase where your brand’s story comes to life. Finally, they deliver the video for your review and make any necessary revisions before the final delivery.

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