Startup Showcase: MAPPLCOM – Revolutionizing Communication Infrastructure

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When it comes to communication infrastructure, MAPPLCOM is leading the way as the next generation carrier-grade IP multimedia interconnect platform. As a startup company known for its incredible value-added products and services, MAPPLCOM is helping businesses and governments today build their own networks and improve their portfolio of products for private and business clients.

MAPPLCOM’s Mission

MAPPLCOM’s primary goal is to reduce traffic transit costs while at the same time empowering telecom operators to develop their network effortlessly. MAPPLCOM is also committed to enhancing the product portfolio for private and business clients with the industry’s most valuable mobile products and services.

Next Generation IP Networks

As a startup company, MAPPLCOM specialises in Next Generation Networks (IP-NGN), voice, and data Compression Codecs, and innovative value-added products and services. They operate proprietary IP-NGN and IPX-MPLS Backbone Platforms with unique topology and features for cost-effective data, voice, and video transmission based on proprietary algorithms, compression codecs, and IPBE Internet protocol bandwidth expansion and utilisation.

Technology Stack

MAPPLCOM works on a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are deployed on cloud and on the physical layer. They believe that this stack has enormous potential to unlock endless possibilities for businesses and governments worldwide.

MAPPLCOM provides telecom industries, governments, and businesses with flexible solutions for seamless IP, voice and multimedia communications, and business intelligence. Their products and services are designed to provide cost-effective, reliable, and secure connectivity solutions while providing superior service and support to valued customers.

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MAPPLCOM is a unique startup that is committed to innovation, and one that is channelling its creativity towards developing products and services that will transform communication infrastructure the world over. Their services are futuristic, providing unsurpassed solutions that enable telecom providers, businesses, and governments to experience seamless connectivity and improved business intelligence.

MAPPLCOM is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative startups in communication infrastructure and a company worth watching. To find out more about what MAPPLCOM can do, check out their website or social media profiles below.


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