Startup Showcase: Crestone Venture Capital – Investing in Emerging Market Fintech Solutions

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Are you curious about the fast-paced world of venture capital and emerging markets? Look no further than Crestone Venture Capital, a fintech specialist firm based in London that invests in early-stage fintech companies throughout the developing world. With a focus on embedded fintech, financial infrastructure, and lending, Crestone is on the cutting edge of the industry, seeking out innovative startups that are poised for success.

Investing in Developing Markets

What sets Crestone apart from other venture capital firms is its specialization in emerging markets, with its portfolio including companies from Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. This includes exciting startups like Neivor, a financial management platform designed for the unbanked in Mexico; Chico, a financial wellness and education platform in Brazil; and Peddlr, a mobile-first lending platform in the Philippines.

Experts in Fintech-as-a-Service (FtaaS)

With a focus on embedded fintech and fintech-as-a-service, Crestone is well-positioned to uplift Latin American fintech. Their investment thesis is focused on fintech companies that can layer up and provide more value-added services that go beyond traditional financial infrastructure. They recognize the transformative potential of fintech services in sectors such as agriculture, and are enthusiastic about partnering with companies that can offer innovative solutions to their customers.

Supporting Driven Entrepreneurs

Crestone prioritizes entrepreneurs who are highly driven and demonstrate excellent execution skills. To this end, they focus on providing hands-on financial and operational support from A to Z in order to help their portfolio companies overcome common growing pains.

Whether you’re a fintech enthusiast or simply looking to learn more about the world of venture capital and emerging markets, Crestone Venture Capital is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Their commitment to ethical investing and fostering growth in developing economies makes them a standout player in the fintech world.

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