Startup Showcase: Cyferd Industries – Revolutionizes Application Creation

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Cyferd Industries offers a revolutionary approach to application creation with their true no-code innovation. This means that anyone, from professional developers to citizen developers, can build smart, scalable, and flexible applications in the cloud without the need for coding. In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, companies need to react and respond quickly to changes. With Cyferd’s platform, businesses can create customized solutions faster and at a lower cost, giving them a competitive edge.

A Unified Data Model at the Core

Cyferd’s platform stands out from the competition due to its central unified data model, providing a solid foundation for the application creation process. This model allows users to reuse or extend previously integrated data on one platform, consolidating business solutions. Existing software solutions often rely on RPA and legacy systems, which fail to address root issues. Cyferd’s platform addresses this by streamlining data integration, making business solutions more accessible.

Secure Cloud Hosting for Easy Deployment

The Cyferd platform also offers secure cloud hosting, allowing users to create apps once and deploy them everywhere. This means that users can easily create solutions that are accessible from any device or location, streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency. With data breaches and cyber threats becoming more prevalent, Cyferd’s secure hosting provides peace of mind for companies who prioritize data security.


Cyferd Industries has disrupted the application creation process with their true no-code innovation, providing a unified data model at the core of their platform. This allows for faster customization and deployment of applications, giving businesses a competitive edge. With their secure cloud hosting, Cyferd’s platform meets the needs of modern businesses, providing a smarter, faster, cheaper, and greener solution. To learn more about Cyferd Industries and their platform, visit their website or social media pages.

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