Startup Showcase: Encore – Elevating Your Cybersecurity Game

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Are you tired of constantly facing challenges in security operations and management? Cyberlumeneer’s flagship product, Encore, is here to provide near-real-time visibility, board-ready reporting, digital footprinting, and continuous security control monitoring. With Encore, you can rest easy knowing that your organization’s security posture and maturity are improved, and your compliance is better covered.

Unified Single-Pane-Of-Glass

Encore is built on the expertise of MSS providers, technical product experts, CISO’s, InfoSec Managers, and offensive and defensive security practitioners. This combination delivers a unified single-pane-of-glass that is easy to use and provides a complete overview of your organization’s security. You’ll have instant access to cross-correlated data and visualizations that enable quick decision-making with accurate, real-time information.

Speed Up Decision-Making Process

Encore provides near-real-time visibility into your security posture. You’ll have the data you need to speed up your decision-making process, enabling you to respond faster to security incidents. With Encore’s accurate, real-time information, you can quickly manage threats and minimize the attack surface.

Improve Organizational Cybersecurity Posture and Maturity

Encore’s continuous security control monitoring ensures that you have an accurate picture of your organization’s cybersecurity posture and maturity. This helps you identify areas where you need to improve your security posture and take proactive steps to address any potential vulnerabilities.

No Obligation and Fast Installation

Encore installs within hours and doesn’t tie you into any contracts. Cyberlumeneer is firm believers in providing value to their clients, and if they don’t provide value, you can cancel with no obligation. This approach ensures that Cyberlumeneer is committed to providing the best possible service to their clients.

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Encore is the solution you need to elevate your cybersecurity game. With near-real-time visibility, board-ready reporting, digital footprinting, and continuous security control monitoring, you can improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture and maturity, improve compliance and coverage, and minimize the attack surface. Encore enables you to make better decisions with accurate, real-time information, hold service providers accountable, and provide proof and visibility of your security.





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