Startup Showcase: NorthStar – Revolutionizing Private Market Investments with Ai-powered Analytics

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The private market investments are evolving and so is the technology that supports them. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, things are changing faster than ever before. NorthStar is at the forefront of this change, providing an Ai-powered analytics platform for Private Market and Alternate Investments firms.

Innovative Solution for Value Accretion

NorthStar offers a powerful solution for value accretion of portfolio companies. The platform uses internal and external, financial and non-financial, structured and unstructured data to provide real-time insights into investment KPIs. This, combined with advanced automation and analytics, provides PE firms with detailed portfolio company details at a click of a button.

Reimagining Portfolio Management

NorthStar has reimagined the portfolio management process by automating and streamlining the collation, cleaning, and search for benchmarks. This saves PE firms valuable time and resources, allowing them to concentrate on value creation from deal origination to exit. The platform offers a cockpit view of Firm, Fund, and Individual portfolio company details with the flexibility to drill down into the investment thesis KPIs at a click of a button.

Real-time Scenario Analysis

The SaaS collates every news feed and social media mention of a portfolio company, comparing it with internal data to derive correlation or causal relation between unrelated data points like social media sentiments to sales turnover or ESG to EBITDA. The platform also allows scenario analysis based on MIRR based on investment rate and free cash flow sensitivities in real-time.

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Cloud-based SaaS Platform

NorthStar is a cloud-based SaaS platform that offers anywhere, anytime monitoring tools to assist value creation. The platform is highly flexible and offers customization options based on the needs of individual firms. NorthStar’s vision is to help PE firms move beyond using excel sheets for benchmarking and monitoring investments and to leverage the power of Ai to make data-driven decisions.


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