Startup Showcase: Five Islands Capital Limited – Revolutionizing the Financial Services Industry

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An Introduction to Five Islands Capital Limited

Five Islands Capital Limited is a UK-based financial services and technology solutions provider, founded in 2016. The company has developed a proprietary blockchain-based technology stack that can be used for both retail and enterprise financial, trading, and payments applications. The company is regulated under the PSD2 directive in Europe and imminently, MiFID II. Five Islands Capital Limited is the parent company of a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries in the UK, EU, and the UAE (collectively “5iC”), making it a versatile player in the financial services industry.

The Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology in Financial Services

One of the primary reasons that Five Islands Capital Limited has harnessed blockchain technology is because it enables the frictionless transfer of value. In this way, the company provides operational cost efficiencies and USP’s for customers. The goal is to “disrupt the disruptors” in the rapidly changing global financial services market.

With blockchain enabling reduced costs and improved speed, there is potential for greater financial inclusion of the underserved population in the emerging economies. The transparency and customer-value features offered by blockchain-based financial platforms help remove a number of barriers while enhancing product transparency and customer value. The vision is to provide democratized access to finance for anyone with access to the web, allowing for financial empowerment and inclusion.

The Future of Five Islands Capital Limited in the US Market

The United States presents a unique challenge for any financial services company, especially those utilizing fintech. Despite the many regulations and strict rules in place in the US market, Five Islands Capital Limited is determined to break into the market by leveraging its blockchain-based platform.

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In the future, the company plans to become a service provider for banks and financial institutions, and provide a one-stop-shop for any financial service available online. With the increasing demand for online financial services, Five Islands Capital Limited could prove to be a valuable asset for the US financial ecosystem.


The use of blockchain technology in financial services is well known, and Five Islands Capital Limited is taking advantage of the technology stack developed. The company is not only providing cost-saving options for its customers, but it is also set to offer greater transparency and inclusivity, especially for emerging markets. With a range of wholly-owned subsidiaries across the world and its unique value proposition, Five Islands Capital Limited is poised to make significant strides in the financial services industry.




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