Startup Showcase: Hatsumi Industries – Immersive Experiences for Mind and Body

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An industry leader in the development of therapeutic virtual reality experiences, Hatsumi is making waves in the world of behavioural healthcare, participatory art, and cutting-edge technology. At the intersection of these disciplines, Hatsumi creates immersive experiences that unite the brain and body with artistic expression, resulting in groundbreaking developments in mindfulness techniques, symptom management for mental health and chronic pain, and a new understanding of the nature of human experience.

Therapeutic VR: A New Era in Mental Health Support

Virtual reality has been hailed as the next big thing in mental health support for some time, and Hatsumi is at the forefront of that revolution. By creating opportunities for users to express themselves in a safe, immersive environment, Hatsumi is changing the game in terms of symptom management and recovery.

The Importance of Biofeedback in Mindfulness Practice

At the core of Hatsumi’s therapeutic VR experiences is a bespoke biofeedback system, which provides real-time visual feedback to users as they create artwork and explore their psychological and physical state. By using biofeedback to enhance mindfulness practices, Hatsumi is opening up new avenues for mental health support and self-development.

The Power of Art in Creating Shared Experiences

At Hatsumi, immersive experiences are not just a means of personal development and symptom management; they also offer the opportunity for shared experiences and insight. By allowing users to anonymously share their completed artworks with others, Hatsumi is building a new kind of community around mindfulness, behaviour modification, and therapeutic VR.

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Hatsumi Industries is a groundbreaking company that is pushing the boundaries of technology, behavioural healthcare, and participatory art to create a new era of mindfulness and mental health support. With their immersive experiences and bespoke biofeedback system, Hatsumi is setting the standard for therapeutic VR, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


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