Startup Showcase: Jobseekrs – Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

The world's first video interactive job-site.

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Are you tired of traditional recruitment processes that seem to privilege some candidates over others? Do you want to take unconscious bias out of the equation when matching great candidates to suitable roles? Look no further than Jobseekrs – the world’s first video interactive job-site that uses psychometric culture-fit to enhance candidate engagement, employer branding, and employee retention. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive deeper into what makes Jobseekrs unique, how it works, and what its mission is.

Revolutionizing Recruitment: How Jobseekrs Works

Unlike other job sites, Jobseekrs puts video at the center of the hiring process to provide a more personalized and authentic experience. Through our app, job seekers can record a one-minute video introducing themselves, highlighting their qualifications, and demonstrating their passion for a certain field. Employers, in turn, can watch these videos and easily identify candidates whose aspirations truly resonate with the company’s culture.

Jobseekrs also takes psychometric testing to the next level by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze candidate culture-fit. By measuring values, personality traits, and working style, Jobseekrs ensures that candidates and employers are aligned on what matters most. With this approach, Jobseekrs ensures that companies are able to build a diverse workforce that truly reflects the values they stand for.

Mission-Driven: What Sets Jobseekrs Apart

At Jobseekrs, we’re not just in the business of recruitment – we’re in the business of creating a more just and inclusive world. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves an equal shot at their dream job. Unfortunately, traditional recruitment processes often privilege candidates who have certain education levels, experiences, or social networks. Studies have shown that unconscious bias also plays a role in this process.

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That’s why Jobseekrs is committed to taking unconscious bias out of the equation by centering culture-fit in its recruitment processes. From the way job ads are written to the way candidates are matched to companies, Jobseekrs seeks to build a more level playing field. In this way, we ensure that talented people aren’t overlooked because of their diversity of thought or experience.

Building Bridges: How Jobseekrs Connects Jobseekers and Employers

With its web and mobile app, Jobseekrs connects job seekers anywhere to suitable job opportunities and employers to candidates whose aspirations truly resonates with a company’s culture. Through our platform, we enable job seekers to discover job opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, while also enabling employers to connect with candidates who have the potential to be great fits. Our app is user-friendly and designed to facilitate seamless communication between job seekers and employers.

Join the Revolution: How to Get Involved

If you’re a job seeker looking for your dream job or an employer looking to hire top talent, look no further than Jobseekrs. Sign up for free on our website or download our app today to get started. Jobseekrs is poised to revolutionize the recruitment industry by taking unconscious bias out of the equation and putting culture-fit at the forefront. Our purpose is to build Jobseekrs into the primary and most unbiased job-search & matching engine on the internet.





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