Startup Showcase: Native Robotics – Taming Industrial Robots for Easy Use

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Are you afraid of using robots in your production process because of high expenses? Native Robotics has a game-changing solution for you.

Native Robotics is introducing ready-to-use apps that make controlling industrial robots a hassle-free task. With our apps, we give the power back to the end-users and reduce operational costs by calculating the optimal path and dynamic load.

Making Industrial Robots Accessible for SMEs

Industrial robots are life-changing developments for large-scale manufacturers who can afford the high costs associated with their setup and maintenance. However, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) often shy away from using robots because of their complex configuration and high costs during the robot’s lifetime.

Enter Native Robotics, with an innovative way to make using industrial robots more accessible and cost-effective for SMEs.

Revolutionizing the Robot Control System

The current systems that control industrial robots require highly qualified engineers to configure them, making the process long and expensive. Native Robotics aims to revolutionize the way you control your robots by creating smart and intuitive apps that anyone can use.

By using Native Robotics apps, users can control their robots easily and quickly, even when production requires frequent changes. With our powerful optimization algorithms, our apps calculate the optimal path and dynamic load, thus reducing operational costs and extending the lifetime of your robots.

The Future of Industrial Robotics is Here

With Native Robotics’ apps, controlling industrial robots has never been easier or more cost-effective. We are taking steps to revolutionize the way robots are used by SMEs, and our apps make it more accessible and affordable for anyone to take advantage of.

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