Startup Showcase: Paycast – A New Era of Secure Online Payments

The Payment Engine for Online Merchants and Marketplaces.

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For startups and online sellers, the key to success lies in providing a frictionless and secure payment experience to their customers. With the rise of e-commerce and the gig economy, falling behind on the latest payment technology can put businesses at a significant disadvantage. Fortunately, Paycast, a London-based startup, is revolutionizing the way we make payments online.

As part of our Startup Showcase series, we delve deeper into Paycast, the innovative payment solution that facilitates trust and security in the online marketplace.

What is Paycast?

Paycast is a payment engine designed specifically for marketplaces, connecting buyers and sellers all over the world. With the rise of online fraud, Paycast aims to change the way we think about online payments by providing a level of security that was previously thought of as impossible. Paycast supports both C2C and B2B marketplaces as a payments hub and digital wallet, making it an essential tool for online sellers, freelancers, and gig-economy workers.

How does Paycast work?

Paycast operates by partnering directly with acquirers and marketplaces to ensure the highest level of security for transactions. Through its platform, Paycast verifies that funds and goods/service exchanges are legitimate and secure, ensuring that sellers receive their funds only once buyers receive the products/services they paid for. This trust-first approach eliminates the need for escrow services, making it faster, safer and less costly for customers on both sides of the transaction.

What makes Paycast different from other payment engines?

Paycast differentiates itself from other payment engines with its patented Shieldpay Secure Escrow technology. This technology verifies both parties’ identities and matches the goods/services exchanged before proceeding with the transaction, preventing fraud and chargebacks. Its proprietary technology ensures that funds are held securely and only released upon successful completion of the transaction, providing a win-win solution for both buyers and sellers.

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Regulatory Compliance

Paycast operates in full regulatory compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for payment services in the UK, Europe, the USA, and Asia. Its expertise in real estate and mergers and acquisitions, combined with its security-first approach, has made it a multi-award-winning payment settlement engine.


Paycast is bridging the gap between traditional payment methods and the rise of e-commerce and the gig economy. Its focus on trust and security has made it an essential tool for online sellers, freelancers, and gig-economy workers around the world. By working and partnering with acquirers and marketplaces, Paycast is facilitating a new era of trust online.

So if you’re an online seller or a buyer looking for a secure way to complete transactions, Paycast is definitely worth checking out.





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