Startup Showcase: Nucleome Therapeutics – Decoding the Dark Matter of the Human Genome to Uncover Novel Ways to Treat Diseases

A Revolutionary Approach to Drug Discovery and Development.

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In today’s world, the advancement of science and technology has brought about innovative solutions to various problems that were previously impossible to solve. Nucleome Therapeutics, a startup located in Headington, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, is one such company that is revolutionizing drug discovery and development. The startup is decoding the dark matter of the human genome to uncover novel ways to treat diseases.

The Dark Matter of the Human Genome

Only about 2% of the human genome is responsible for protein-coding genes that serve as the blueprint for the creation of proteins that perform various functions in the body. However, the remaining 98% of the genome, known as dark matter, has long been regarded as “junk DNA” with no functional purpose. However, recent research has shown that dark matter plays a crucial role in gene regulation and that genetic variants found in this region are often linked to various diseases.

Decoding the Dark Genome

Nucleome Therapeutics’ unique approach is to leverage the power of cell type-specific 3D genome structure maps to decode the dark genome and identify genetic variants that are linked to diseases. Their approach enables them to link these variants to gene function and map disease pathways, thus uncovering novel ways to treat diseases using the power of gene regulation. Their cell type-specific platform creates high resolution 3D genome structure maps that enable variant functional validation at scale in primary cell types.

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Building a Robust Pipeline of Drug Assets

The initial focus of the company is on lymphocytes and related autoimmune diseases. However, their ambition is to build a robust pipeline of drug assets, with corresponding biomarkers, that could potentially be used to treat a range of diseases. Their approach is not only innovative but also more efficient than traditional drug discovery methods, which can take up to 15 years and cost billions of dollars.

Investment from Oxford Sciences Innovation

Nucleome Therapeutics was founded by leading experts in gene regulation from the University of Oxford and backed by investment from Oxford Sciences Innovation, a company that supports the creation of new science and technology companies based on research from the University of Oxford. Their research has the potential to change the way that diseases are treated, opening up new possibilities for personalized medicine.


Nucleome Therapeutics is a company that is changing the future of drug discovery and development. By decoding the dark matter of the human genome, they are uncovering novel ways to treat diseases that were previously untreatable. Their approach is innovative, efficient, and has the potential to lead to personalized medicine that could change the lives of countless patients. For more information about Nucleome Therapeutics, visit their website or follow them on social media.




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