Startup Showcase: KiwiMedi – Your Passport to Global Healthcare

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Finding the right healthcare facility for your medical condition can be a daunting task, especially when you’re considering your options across borders. But fret not, because KiwiMedi is here to provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for! In this startup showcase, we’ll dive deeper into how this innovative platform is changing the healthcare industry with its unique approach to accessing premium healthcare across the globe.

Introducing KiwiMedi: The Fastest Way to Access to Premium Healthcare Across the Globe

KiwiMedi is a global treatment search platform that enables patients to find the best treatments among the best-rated health facilities worldwide. The platform was founded by Metin Şeref, an experienced executive in public healthcare, who saw a need to simplify the complicated and complex process of searching for medical treatments. KiwiMedi removes the medical tourism layer and commissions, providing patients with direct access to hospitals which they can book treatments with.

Breaking Down KiwiMedi’s Key Features

With more than 400 hospitals and clinics listed in 2020, including world-class facilities such as Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins Hospital, and University of Tokyo Hospital, KiwiMedi’s platform has become a go-to platform for patients seeking premium healthcare worldwide. Let’s look at some of the key features of KiwiMedi:

  • Direct Access to Hospitals: KiwiMedi bridges the gap between patients and hospitals with the platform’s direct access feature. This eliminates the need for a medical tourism company or an intermediary, allowing patients to communicate directly with hospitals and book treatments instantly.
  • Facility Comparison: KiwiMedi offers patients the ability to compare facilities based on the criteria most important to them. This enables patients to find the best healthcare facilities to suit their needs.
  • Patient Reviews: Patient reviews are an integral part of KiwiMedi’s platform, allowing patients to gain insights and make informed decisions about their healthcare provider of choice.
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Empowering Patients and Medical Facilities Alike

KiwiMedi’s platform benefits both patients and healthcare providers through its innovative approach to delivering healthcare services. Patients can easily find the right healthcare facility to suit their medical condition, while healthcare providers can access a wider range of patients and expand their reach with the platform’s marketing tools and services.


KiwiMedi is changing the way patients access healthcare services, making it easier and more accessible than ever before. With its user-friendly and reliable platform, KiwiMedi is set to become a global leader in the healthcare industry.


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