Startup Showcase: Personify XP – Leveraging AI to unleash the power of personalisation in retail

Helping online retailers gain a deep understanding of their anonymous customers' buying behaviors and preferences with their innovative AI-powered personalisation platform.

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In today’s fast-paced digital age, online retailers are constantly looking for ways to improve their customers’ shopping experiences and drive higher conversions. Understanding customers’ buying behaviors and preferences is critical to delivering this experience but capturing and analyzing this data can be challenging. Personify XP is a London-based startup that is using AI and automation personalisation SaaS technology to help retailers understand what their customers are shopping for.

The Personify Anonymous Experience platform is a unique platform that focuses exclusively on anonymous visitors. The company’s AI platform automates how content and products are shown to which shoppers and when, allowing retailers to confidently tailor their offerings to their individual customers’ needs. Personify XP provides a unique insight into how your anonymous customers shop while ensuring your customer’s data is private and the platform is GDPR compliant.

In this Startup Showcase, we explore how Personify XP is disrupting the world of online retailing, helping businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers, and driving higher conversions.

Innovative Personalisation Technology

Personify XP helps retailers to leverage their data and AI, enabling them to pull insights into their customers’ shopping patterns, interests, and preferences, providing a holistic view of the customer’s journey. Their AI-powered personalization platform goes beyond previous efforts and brings a new level of sophistication to the personalization of online shopping. The platform’s rich data insight allows for highly personalised product recommendations, bundle offers, and complementary products that can drive customer engagement.

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Privacy and Compliance with GDPR

Unlike other personalisation technologies, Personify XP’s innovative platform ensures that all customers’ data is private and secure, thus helping retailers meet the GDPR requirements out of the box. The company helps retailers deliver compliant consent experiences to their customers, ensuring that data captured provides personalized recommendations without compromising privacy. As companies in the UK and Europe face increased scrutiny over data privacy, Personify XP provides their customers with a competitive edge, ensuring they are GDPR compliant.

Driving Results with Innovative AI Technology

Personify XP helps retailers to drive significant results as retailers that have used their platform have reported seeing a 15% increase in additional revenue and 35% higher conversions. One of the company’s most significant advantages is its patent-pending AI technology that ensures retailers’ anonymised customers are displayed the right information at the right time to drive sales while still maintaining their privacy.


Personify XP has proven that effective personalisation is not just a buzzword but a fundamental requirement of successful online retailing. The startup is set to change the way online retailers personalise their offerings using their AI-powered personalisation platform, bringing new levels of sophistication and privacy to the personalisation process. In a world where customer data privacy is essential, Personify XP is setting the standard, providing their customers with an innovative solution that can help them meet GDPR compliance requirements.


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