Startup Showcase: Qadre – Modernising Financial Markets with Blockchain

Revolutionising the FinTech Industry with Cryptographic Technology.

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In today’s digital economy, financial markets are more complex than ever. From online transactions to mobile payments, money moves fast and needs to be reliable. However, traditional payment systems are struggling to keep up. This is where Qadre comes in. Qadre is a London-based startup disrupting the FinTech industry by using cryptographic technology to modernise financial markets with blockchain.

Introducing Qadre

Founded in 2016, Qadre creates FinTech solutions that reduce friction and enhance experiences for both people and businesses. Qadre is trusted by leading institutions to deliver certainty and transform financial markets with their blockchain technology. At the heart of Qadre’s work is Huski, a modular platform that provides the fundamental building blocks to securely manage the transfer of value. Huski is rapidly, reliably, and seamlessly integrated into several live environments, from trade finance to supply chain management.

Qadre’s Solutions

Qadre offers several solutions to modernise the FinTech industry using blockchain, including:

  • Huski – modular platform: Huski is the backbone of Qadre’s FinTech solutions. It provides the fundamental building blocks to cryptographically manage the transfer of value. Huski is usable for a wide range of use cases within multiple industries. Using Huski companies can expand across borders and add value to your existing systems.
  • Nocust – Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum: Nocust (Non-Custodial Off-Chain Scaling Solution) is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that allows the network to process millions of transactions per second. It is an open-source project that is available to developers via Github. With Nocust, Qadre brings scalability to the Ethereum network, enabling more efficient and cost-effective blockchain-based transactions.
  • Private Enterprise Blockchain – secure, efficient, and permissioned: Private Enterprise Blockchain is a permissioned blockchain for businesses that need high-security and personalised permission levels. The Qadre team can work with businesses to build blockchain solutions to address specific needs or industry requirements.
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Qadre’s Innovative Approach

Qadre is focused on delivering certainty with their blockchain technology. They collaborate with both the public and private sectors to drive policy, regulation and cultural change. They have worked on several early and innovative blockchain projects, and their success can be attributed to their deep understanding of the industry and the technology. Qadre’s attention to detail and approach to developing solutions tailored to each unique issue sets them apart from other blockchain startups.


Qadre is a high-growth FinTech startup that is turning financial markets on their head with their blockchain technology. They have proven expertise in the industry, which has earned them the trust of leading institutions in the UK and beyond. The company’s innovative approach to building solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business allows companies to expand internationally, reduce friction and improve experiences. Qadre is a crucial player in modernising the FinTech industry and making it more efficient for all.


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