Which London mHealth Startups Are Revolutionising UK’s Healthcare Industry in 2023?

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The healthcare industry has seen a remarkable shift in the way it operates, and nowhere is this more evident than in the surge of mobile health (mHealth) startups in London. These innovative companies are using technology to transform care delivery, making healthcare more efficient, accessible, and effective. Amidst this progress, the focus on mental health and wellbeing is particularly noteworthy, a reflection of the increasing societal awareness and acceptance of these issues. Here are 15 standout mHealth startups from London that are each making their mark on the healthcare landscape.

The range of these startups is impressive, proving that health and wellness is a field ripe for innovation and entrepreneurship. Whether it’s reproductive health, meditation, addiction recovery, or digital communications aimed at patient care, each of these startups has found a niche where they can improve and humanize healthcare. What unites them is a common commitment to enhancing the patient experience and leveraging technology to make health and wellness more accessible for all.

True to the zeitgeist, many of these startups are not confined to physical health, but also address mental health and wellbeing. By breaking down the barriers to talk about and seek help in these areas, such companies are playing an integral role in reshaping societal attitudes towards mental health and holistic wellbeing.

ExSeed Health

ExSeed Health is a passionate player in the fertility and reproductive health domain. Founded by Daniel Gewecke Daugaard, Emil Andersen, and Morten G. Ulsted, it uses software and medical device technology to provide services and products that help enhance fertility health and treatment.

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Bounce operates within the Artificial Intelligence M-health industry, utilizing a positive psychology chatbot to promote employee mental wellbeing, making it a frontrunner in B2B and wellness sectors.


Plumm, co-founded by Asim Amin, provides 1:1 online therapy sessions and courses with globally available, professional, and experienced mental health therapists. Their services span the internet, online portals, and wellness sectors.


Founded by Matt Wilson, the uMed platform enables healthcare providers to run patient research more efficiently by automating the clinical studies process – a tech-fusion pioneer in the medical and life science fields.

SaySo Medical

SaySo Medical is a digital communications agency that makes healthcare more accessible by offering digital-based consultations and services.

Re:Mind Studio

Yulia Kovaleva founded Re:Mind Studio as a meditation studio offering half-hour to 45-minute meditation classes designed to contribute to improved mental health and overall personal wellbeing.

Bold Health

Bold Health, founded by the trio of Elena Mustatea, Jossy Onwude, and Matt Stammers, offers specialty telemedicine care for gastrointestinal (GI) conditions, combining health care with technological advancement.


Promiser.pro takes an inventive approach to facing addictions. It’s a platform where people can earn money in exchange for quitting addictions, tackling wellness and personal health head-on.

Elephant Healthcare

Connell Locke’s digital venture, Elephant Healthcare, aims to connect all facets of the healthcare ecosystem, generating a global digital health network.


Ranjan Singh’s startup, HealthHero, is a digital platform that grants patients, insurance-policy holders, and employees direct access to experienced doctors and expert clinicians.

Tuli Health

At Tuli Health, co-founders Jialu Tu and Jiawei Li have designed a digital health platform that facilitates instant access to private medical appointments and health testing.

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Alva concentrates solely on menopause, providing consultation services, resources, and evidence-based information to aid women in understanding and navigating this phase.


Blueheart, founded by Robbie Coomber and Sachin Raoul, is a leading relationship health app aiming to help everyone master love.


Alena, co-founded by Mandana Ahmadi and Walther Doernte, uses computational neuroscience to deliver tailored mental health solutions. Learn more here: Alena.


Unforged, the brainchild of Galia Mortara, enhances children’s mental health, well-being, and chances of success by adopting a software-enabled mobile platform.

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