Who are the Top Intelligent Systems Innovators in the UK?

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In the realm of UK Start-ups, a new era of intelligent systems is making waves. These start-ups focus on sophisticated capabilities such as predictive analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. They span across various industries, from aerospace to healthcare, agriculture to finance and their innovative solutions have laid the groundwork for significant advancements in their respective fields.

As the demand for intelligent system solutions grows across the globe, UK based start-ups are making significant strides in this rapidly emerging space. From automating traditional workflows to predicting future trends, and even redefining customer experience, these cutting-edge companies are transforming industries in both the private and public sectors.

Here, we take a look at 15 interesting and promising intelligent systems start-ups in the UK, offering insight into their innovative solutions, their application fields, and the pioneers leading these tech revolutions.

Migacore Technologies

Migacore Technologies is an early stage data science startup that is making its mark by offering predictive demand forecasting for airlines. Leveraging the power of machine learning and natural language processing, Migacore’s solutions sit at the intersection of aerospace, analytics, intelligent systems, predictive analytics, and software industries. The startup was founded by Abheer Kolhatkar and George Brova.

Circuit Mind

Circuit Mind, founded by Akintomide Adesanmi and Basilio Gentile, specializes in developing artificial intelligence solutions. The company’s unique blend of skills in predictive analytics and software engineering positions them well in the dynamic landscape of the intelligent systems industry.

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Mechion is a startup that is using advanced technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning to create autonomous patient observation systems. Mechion is revolutionizing healthcare, with the key efforts of founders Alexander Giokas and María Ramos Montero.

Agile Boards

Agile Boards, founded by Evgenia Sorokina, is a market intelligence platform focused on improving corporate governance. Operating at the crossroads of the developer platform, innovation management, and intelligent systems industries, Agile Boards is creating ripples with its avant-garde solutions.


Operating in a territory as complex as trading, Triomnia is a quant firm that develops trading systems using principles of DSP, AI, advanced mathematics, and data science. The company is making strides in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital signage, intelligent systems, and the trading platform industry.

Mind Senses Global

Mind Senses Global is a consulting company that focuses on artificial intelligence management. The brainchild of Dr. Djamila Amimer, the company is carving a niche within the spheres of business intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics industry.

Glas Data

Steered by Colin Phillipson and Robert Sanders, Glas Data aims to connect data from various sources. They have integrated over 70 different IoT sensors and a growing number of 3rd party data providers into their system which is revolutionizing agriculture and data visualisation.

Radius Analytics

Radius Analytics, led by Seth Aslin, specializes in risk analytics workflow automation. The start-up is at the forefront of innovations in artificial intelligence, fintech, and automation industries.


Dutytaker aims at improving the customer experience and providing operational support for companies. Its capabilities in consulting, information technology, and outsourcing place it as a promising player in the intelligent systems domain.

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Cognino AI

Cognino AI, co-founded by Igor Moraes and Priti Padhy, empowers contextual decisions with Explainable AI. The start-up transforms data into intelligence providing a unique edge to fintech, healthcare, and software industry.


Cosmosair, led by Jacobo Guerra, focuses on aircraft design, 3D flight simulation, flight systems, and training, all within the spectrum of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The start-up serves the air transportation, drone management, and virtual reality industries.

Bellwether Industries

Bellwether Industries, founded by Chenchang Li, Daniel Chen, and Kai-Tse Lin, offers urban air mobility solutions. This UK based start-up straddles the aerospace, automotive, and intelligent systems industries.


Sponsorlytix, the brainchild of Omar Al Raisi, is a pioneer in artificial intelligence and big data analytics. As a part of Dantani Sports Group, the start-up is making significant leaps in the sports, machine learning, and analytics industry.


Porter, headed by Gary Piazzon, represents the new age digital travel agent, providing personalized hotel recommendations swiftly. It enjoys a unique position in the hospitality, tourism, and intelligent systems sectors.

ecosis Network

ecosis Network is working towards digitizing the world of transactions, making them more efficient, secure, and sustainable. The UK based start-up operates in the blockchain, fintech and intelligent systems industries.

In the midst of rapid technological advancements, these UK start-ups are revolutionizing their respective industries through intelligent systems. They represent the future of the start-up landscape, driving change and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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