Which London-Based Insurance Startups Are Revolutionising UK’s 2023 Market?

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London is a thriving hub of startup innovation, particularly in the insurance sector. The startups we are highlighting today reflect the energy, inventiveness, and resourcefulness of the UK tech scene. From traditional sectors branching out using cutting-edge technology to completely new ventures, it is clear that these companies are bursting with potential. Here are fifteen of the most exciting insurance startups in London:

Expert Mortgage Brokers

Expert Mortgage Brokers is paving the way for modern, flexible mortgage services. They offer mortgage solutions online, over the phone, and face-to-face, utilising technology without losing the human touch.


WeAccountax is an accounting firm specialising in online accounting services. Their team of chartered professionals aims to facilitate the financial health of businesses big and small.


Paycado is the new generation of banking. With roots in FinTech, this Neobank aims to revolutionize personal and small business banking through an innovative and affordable platform.


With their unique approach to insurance, AkinovA has created an electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of (re)insurance risks, adapting the traditional insurance model for the digital age.

InsureX Technologies

Concentrating on blockchain technology, InsureX Technologies offers an alternative marketplace and solutions for insurance.

Pathfinder Software Limited

Pathfinder is an innovative career intelligence tool that simplifies and empowers users through high-quality data.

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A full-stack insurance provider, Marshmallow, uses technology to make insurance straightforward and accessible.

Beat Capital Partners

Focusing on venture capital and private equity, Beat Capital Partners offers investment and funding services for the insurance industry.

Cyber Covered

Cyber Covered is a web-based insurance company that provides essential cybersecurity, data insurance, and risk management services.

Mint Formations

Offering a variety of packages and services, Mint Formations assists those looking to set up a Limited company or other UK legal entity.

Easy Loan Hub

Anna Johnson’s venture, Easy Loan Hub, offers insurance and financial services with a distinct charm and a keen appreciation for numbers and statistics.

European Technology Risks Ltd

Reshaping commercial insurance, European Technology Risks Ltd specialises in insurance policies for organisations pre and post funding & investment rounds.


Anorak is a smart independent insurance adviser that gives people access to tailored advice about their life and their risks.

Knabu Distributed Systems Ltd

With its unique DApp, Knabu Distributed Systems Ltd is enabling credible token projects and reinventing the finance industry.

Skyline Partners

Skyline Partners is a private-equity-funded Insurtech company, focusing on index-based parametric insurance.

These diverse startups are a testament to the versatility and adaptability of the insurance sector. With their disruptive models and technologically advanced systems, they are reaudefining what it means to provide and receive insurance services in the 21st century.

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