Who are London’s Most Influential Video Editing Startups in 2023?

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London has long been recognized as a global hub for creative industries. Over the years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of revolutionary video editing startups established in the city. These startups are not only changing the game when it comes to video production and editing, they are also leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies to redefine storytelling and how we consume video content. Here, we’ll take you through 15 exciting video editing startups based in London.


Founded by academic researchers Lourdes Agapito, Matthias Niessner and Steffen Tjerrild, Synthesia leverages AI and augmented reality technologies to create professional videos from text in multiple languages. They’re essentially serving the content creator market with a platform that can quickly produce avatars for various video outputs.

Cudo Ventures

Cudo Ventures, co-founded by Matt Hawkins, has a diverse portfolio, dealing in cloud computing, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and video editing to name a few. Their sustainable cloud computing and Tech4Good monetisation software solution is used in over 145 countries.


Replayed is a new media post-production company co-founded by Ali Korsan. Their services encompass video editing, AI applications, social media content and web development. For more information, visit their site here.


Creatilogic is a London-based video production company providing editing services in the video industry.


Founded by Mikhail Gerchuk, agenda.video specializes in producing marketing videos for internet and social media purposes.

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Uneek Media

Uneek Media is a creative agency offering services in video production, streaming, branding, translation, and copywriting.

Loom of Ideas LTD

Loom of Ideas LTD, an advertising agency founded by Lucia Desperati, provides services including brand marketing, film production, video advertising and video editing.


Kamua, co-founded by Paul Robert Cary and Radu-Sebastian Amarie, is a leading provider of SaaS video editing automation tools.

Blazin’ Boar Productions

Blazin’ Boar Productions was a video production house that converted client visions into videos that delivered measurable results.


Created by Holly Stephens and Keyvan Kasaei, Subly is a content platform that simplifies content creation by automatically transcribing, translating, and adding subtitles to videos.

Koala FX

Koala FX, founded by Daria Sherman and Menelaos Pampoukidis, specializes in visual effects, digital make-up, and performance enhancement services.

Yepic AI

Yepic AI was co-founded by Aaron Jones and Yannis Kazantzidis. They build video production and dubbing tools to help companies communicate better.


Founded by Stephanie Demetriou, Maekersuite is an end-to-end video creation application that allows users to write, record, and edit their video content.

AJ-Drone Ltd

AJ-Drone Ltd was established by Ashley Widowson. It is a photography and videography business offering a range of services, including video editing.


Last on the list but no less impressive, Noah, founded by Philip Werner, is a platform providing ideas, templates for scriptwriting, recording guidance, and an automated editing tool for easy storytelling. Their focus is on the mobile apps, software, and video editing industry.

In conclusion, London’s growing video editing startup scene is diversifying and innovating the industry, by integrating AI and other latest technologies. With such variety and creativity in the market, it is exciting to see how these video editing startups will continue to redefine and transform how we create and consume video content in the future.

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