Startup Showcase: QUiZL – The live multimedia quiz app that lets you win real prizes

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When it comes to finding ways to pass the time on our phones, there’s no shortage of options. But what if you could spend that time playing a fun, interactive game that also gave you the chance to win real prizes? That’s where QUiZL comes in. This London-based startup has created a live multimedia quiz app that incorporates speech recognition technology, a unique reward system, and celebrity presenters, making for an engaging and exciting experience that rewards users for their knowledge.

Live quizzes with real prizes

Quizl is a live multimedia quiz app with a celebrity presenter that brings TV quality entertainment to mobile devices,” explains the company’s website. “Players win QUiZL coins for every right answer. They collect these and exchange them for prizes that are displayed in the Vault area of the app.” Unlike other quiz apps, where the main reward might be bragging rights, QUiZL gives users the chance to win tangible prizes, from gift cards to electronics, travel vouchers, and more. And because the game is live, players get a real-time sense of how they’re doing, with the chance to earn more coins on the fly.

Speech recognition for seamless gameplay

One of the standout features of QUiZL is its use of speech recognition technology. Rather than having to manually enter their answers, users can simply speak them aloud, making for a much smoother and intuitive gameplay experience. And because the app is designed to recognise nuanced accents and dialects, users from all over the world can participate and win.

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Community and social features

In addition to the quizzes themselves, QUiZL also has a range of community and social features that encourage users to engage and connect with each other. For example, there are chat rooms where players can message their friends and fellow participants, as well as a “QUIZL Town” area where users can hang out, socialize, and share their thoughts and opinions. There are also “favourite” buttons for users to show their appreciation for certain songs or movies, and the app includes links to download and streaming services for those titles.


Whether you’re a quiz fanatic looking for a new challenge or just someone who wants to pass the time on their phone while also having the chance to win real prizes, QUiZL is definitely worth checking out. With its engaging gameplay, unique rewards system, and high production values, it stands out as one of the most innovative and exciting quiz apps on the market today.





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