Startup Showcase: Shufti Pro – Revolutionizing KYC and AML with AI-Based Solutions

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Shufti Pro is a London-based SaaS company that offers fully automated AI-based KYC and AML solutions for businesses of all sizes. Shufti Pro’s KYC, KYB, and AML solutions are all available through a single RESTful API integration, making integration seamless and straightforward.

How Shufti Pro is changing the game

Shufti Pro’s mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge AI technology to prevent fraud and ensure legal and regulatory compliance. The company’s solutions provide businesses of all sizes with a multi-layered risk cover against digital identity fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

Shufti Pro’s KYC services include biometric face verification, document verification, video interview KYC, address verification and 2-factor authentication. All verifications are performed in less than 30 seconds, and services are available in over 230+ countries in 150+ languages. Shufti Pro’s sophisticated AML screening process checks individuals and businesses against more than 1700 watchlists, leaving zero room for financial crimes to go undetected.

What makes Shufti Pro unique in the market

Shufti Pro’s AI-based solutions rely on a unique hybrid mechanism that blends the latest AI technology with human intelligence to enable highly efficient automation of identity verification. Shufti Pro’s accuracy rates are highly impressive, reaching 98.67%.

Shufti Pro is the only service provider in this space that also provides on-premises solutions to large enterprises, including payment gateways and banks. This means businesses can store their data only on their servers, ensuring no data is sent to the internet or any other party whatsoever.

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Shufti Pro’s growth and success

Shufti Pro has been expanding rapidly since its inception, gaining over 900+ business models across various industries. The company has been partnering with a wide range of businesses, including financial institutions, car rental companies, online marketplaces and more.


In the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, Shufti Pro’s advanced AI-based solutions are a must-have for any business. The company’s innovative technology some of the world’s largest clients, including Jumeirah Group, TD Bank Group, and DBS bank.

With their advanced technology, innovative solutions and impressive customer base, Shufti Pro is revolutionizing KYC and AML services for businesses globally.


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