Startup Showcase: Twin Science & Robotics – Developing the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

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Twin Science & Robotics is a UK-based ed-tech startup that is revolutionizing children’s learning through purpose-led STEM education. Founded in 2017, Twin develops physical kits and a digital app that are compatible with LEGO®, empowering children aged 5-14 to engage with science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun and imaginative way.

STEM – Learning with Purpose

With the rise of technology impacting every industry, there is an increasing demand for people with STEM skills, and Twin is ensuring the next generation has the skills needed to succeed. Using a purpose-led approach, Twin’s products aim to inspire children to create, experiment, and ultimately solve problems using STEM.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) is a critical field that offers a gateway to many future career opportunities. What’s more, learning about STEM subjects encourages critical thinking, develops problem-solving skills, and helps children make better, informed decisions throughout their lives. With this premise in mind, Twin has created an opportunity for children that fosters real-world problem-solving while having fun.

Kit and App Compatibility with LEGO®

Twin Science & Robotics has partnered with LEGO® to make the kits and its digital app compatible with LEGO® blocks, ensuring children can use existing LEGO pieces along with the Twin content. This compatibility creates boundless potential for students to enhance learning by working with the familiar material and creating their own unique designs.

More Than Just an Ed-Tech Company

Twin Science & Robotics has a broader vision of creating a social movement that complements and supplements traditional learning by making STEM education engaging, hands-on and fun. The startup has already partnered with impressive organizations such as Rolls-Royce, Boeing and Ford, making Twin the official STEM partner and developing extensive content for them.

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Additionally, Twin’s products are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasizing the three themes – planet, people, and prosperity aligned with the goals. Being socially conscious and responsible, Twin’s products and curriculum foster a deeper understanding of social development issues, such as gender equality, inclusivity and environmental sustainability.


Twin Science & Robotics is a revolutionary ed-tech startup that is empowering children to learn through purpose-led STEM education. The company’s compatible kits and digital app with LEGO® and partnerships with global leaders are a testament to the potential offered by Twin. With the demand for STEM skills and increasing market growth of STEM products, Twin’s revolution is needed more now than ever.

Don’t miss this opportunity to introduce playful learning to your child, invest in the future of the next generation and discover more about Twin Science & Robotics customized STEM education products.





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