Startup Showcase: Spectra Risk – Streamlining Customer Lifecycle Management with Governance, Risk, and Compliance

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Are you a business owner in the financial industry, struggling to keep track of customer risk and compliance? Look no further than Spectra Risk, the London-based startup taking the industry by storm with their innovative customer lifecycle management (CLM) solutions.

What is Spectra Risk?

Spectra Risk is a company that creates customer lifecycle management (CLM) solutions for businesses. Their solutions are underpinned by governance, risk, and compliance. They offer a front-to-back workflow solution for businesses that perform activities such as currency trading, lending, and much more. All the CLM tools that Spectra Risk builds are integrated with their customisable Spectra risk engine, which calculates the risk posed to your business by existing and potential customers at every stage of their lifecycle.

Customer Risk Determination

One of the key features of Spectra Risk’s CLM solutions is customer risk determination at onboarding. This allows businesses to quickly and easily assess the level of risk posed by a potential customer before they even start business with them.

Transactions Risk Determination

Another key feature of Spectra Risk’s CLM solutions is transaction risk determination at every stage of the customer lifecycle, including capturing, execution, and management. This ensures that businesses can keep track of potential risks throughout the course of their relationship with a customer.

Customisable Risk Profiles

Spectra Risk’s CLM solutions also offer customisable customer and transaction risk profiles bespoke to each business’s appetite. This means that businesses can tailor their level of risk to their specific needs and preferences.

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Enrichment with 3rd Party Data

Spectra Risk’s CLM solutions also include customer profile and transaction enrichment with 3rd party data. This means that businesses can integrate data from external sources to build a more comprehensive risk profile.

If you’re a business owner struggling to keep track of customer risk and compliance, Spectra Risk’s CLM solutions are the answer to your problems. Their innovative approach to governance, risk, and compliance streamlines the customer lifecycle management process, giving you the tools you need to operate safely and efficiently.


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