Startup Showcase: ZAOinvest – Revolutionizing Fintech for Social Impact

A Fintech Startup Promoting Sustainable Economic Development in Africa.

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Welcome to Startup Showcase, where we feature innovative startups that are making a difference. Today, we are thrilled to introduce ZAOinvest, an early stage Fintech company based in London. ZAOinvest aims to create a sustainable future for all by promoting social impact through finance. Join us as we delve into this exciting startup’s mission and vision.

Mission and Vision: Promoting Social Impact and Economic Development in Africa

ZAOinvest is a startup with a mission to tackle poverty and financial exclusion in Africa by promoting sustainable economic development through impact financing. The company envisions a world where finance plays a central role in solving social challenges facing the global community.

At ZAOinvest, investors have the opportunity to create an impact and help build a sustainable future for all people. The company focuses on building African Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Impact Financing Infrastructure, which aims to promote sustainable economic development in Africa.

Using tech to create social impact

At the core of ZAOinvest’s business model is technology. The company uses technology to manage impact investments and create a transparent ecosystem. By leveraging blockchain technology, ZAOinvest ensures that impact investment is transparent, accountable, and efficient.

ZAOinvest has a platform that connects investors with African SMEs that need financing. The platform focuses on cultivating a long-term relationship between investors and SMEs. This mechanism fosters trust and improves direct investments for investors to participate in companies they believe in.

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Leveraging African diaspora for social and environmental impact

Apart from its use of technology, ZAOinvest also involves the African diaspora in promoting sustainable economic development in Africa. ZAOinvest recognizes that African diaspora members living abroad have large amounts of capital that could be invested in Africa for social and environmental impact.

The company’s platform enables member of the diaspora to effectively leverage their patient capital in profitable and impactful projects ‘back home’ where it is needed most. This mechanism fosters sustainable development while enabling members of the diaspora to impact positively on the continent.


ZAOinvest’s team comprises seasoned impact finance and high tech experts from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. They leverage their diverse experiences to grow successful impact companies.


ZAOinvest is an early stage Fintech company based in London that promotes sustainable economic development in Africa. The company’s use of technology and its focus on cultivating long-term relationships between investors and SMEs are some of its defining features that enable it to make a positive social impact. By involving members of the African diaspora, ZAOinvest aims to positively transform the lives of people on the continent. ZAOinvest is bringing a new dimension of social impact and sustainable development in Africa through finance.


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