Startup Showcase: TalentHunter.AI – Anonymous Sales Careers Marketplace for IT Sales Talent

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TalentHunter.AI has disrupted the traditional hiring process by creating an anonymous sales careers marketplace for IT sales talent. The startup uses AI algorithms to match sales professionals with job opportunities, helping top tech companies to source the best and most suitable talent.

How TalentHunter.AI Works

TalentHunter.AI uses a personalised approach to match sales professionals with job opportunities. The process is simple and efficient: sales professionals create a free, anonymous profile and a personalised wish list using Scouty, TalentHunter.AI’s friendly talent bot.

Once a profile is created, the AI algorithms used by TalentHunter.AI analyse the sales professional’s skills, experience and preferences, while also monitoring the needs of top tech companies looking for IT sales talent. This technology ensures that only the most relevant job opportunities are presented to each individual.

Benefits for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals benefit greatly from TalentHunter.AI. By creating an anonymous profile, they eliminate the need to share personal information and CVs. This allows them to discreetly explore job opportunities without the fear of being contacted by third-party recruiters or receiving spam messages.

Moreover, TalentHunter.AI eliminates the need for time-consuming job searches. Instead, sales professionals can focus on developing their skills and personal brand, while the platform does the legwork in finding suitable job opportunities. Additionally, TalentHunter.AI provides highly competitive salaries and benefits, ensuring that sales professionals are fairly compensated for their talents.

Benefits for Tech Companies

TalentHunter.AI is a game-changer for tech companies looking for IT sales talent. The platform saves them up to 70% in recruiting fees compared to external agencies, and enables them to source top talent 10x faster.

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By using AI technology, TalentHunter.AI eliminates the need for tedious manual searches and screening processes. Instead, personalized matches are presented to tech companies within 48 hours, which they can choose to either accept or decline.

The anonymous profiles also provide an added benefit for tech companies. By removing candidate bias, they can focus solely on the skills and experience that each candidate brings to the table, ensuring that they are hiring the most suitable talent for the job.


TalentHunter.AI is a cutting-edge startup that has disrupted the traditional hiring process. By using AI technology, the anonymous sales careers marketplace for IT sales talent enables sales professionals and tech companies to find the perfect match easily and efficiently. The platform provides a win-win situation for both parties, saving time and money and delivering personalised job opportunities.





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