Startup Showcase: Tyre Runner – Revolutionizes Tyre Replacement for UK Drivers

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As we all know, buying tyres is a daunting task, especially during unexpected flat tyre emergencies. It’s a mind-numbing, time-consuming, and confusing task as there are countless brands, sizes, and deals to choose from. But what if all the information needed to buy the perfect tyres was just a click away? This is exactly what Tyre Runner, a startup based in Edinburgh, is trying to achieve by providing a hassle-free and unbiased platform marketplace for drivers and vehicle owners in the UK.

Introducing Tyre Runner

Tyre Runner is an independent price and booking comparison website for tyres. It is a one-of-a-kind platform that remains free from any bias of manufacturers, retailers, and distributors, ensuring to provide the perfect tyre options for your car’s requirements. The company prides itself in partnering with the biggest market players in the UK, such as, ProTyre, National Tyres and Exhausts, Halfords Autocentres and many more, to ensure maximum coverage.

Unbiased and Independent Platform for Tyre Replacement

Tyre Runner is solely focused on providing an independent and unbiased platform to offer users without any confusion, helping them make an informed decision based on their requirements and budget. The website sectionises and lists down all information and tire details, enabling users to compare everything from tyre brand and size to price and longevity.

One-Stop Shop for Tyre Replacement

One of Tyre Runner’s main objectives is to take away the hassle of buying tires by providing a one-stop-shop for users. Drivers can easily compare tyre options, prices and book it any time of the day, and show up at a garage near them to get it done. Tyre Runner also provides videos on tire fitting, valuable tyre advice, and maintenance tips that are incredibly helpful for those who are new to owning a car.

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Convenient and Affordable

On Tyre Runner, users don’t have to call or drive around to different garages to get the best offers. Tyre Runner helps to provide the best deals available in the market and a personalized experience to every user. Users get to choose the garage or tyre fitting facility and conveniently pay online for everything. The company’s social media presence offers an excellent platform for updates, special offers, and promotions, further adding to user convenience.


Tyre Runner is a revolutionary startup that has taken the initiative to make buying tyres an accessible and seamless experience. The platform’s independence and transparency make it stand out, making it easier for drivers to find the perfect tyres without any confusion or worries. Tyre Runner is the way to go for those seeking a convenient, unbiased, and affordable way to replace their tyres in the UK.


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