Startup Showcase: TestCard – Revolutionising Non-Invasive Testing

A healthcare testing solution that gives immediate and accurate results.

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TestCard is a UK-based startup that is transforming the healthcare industry with their innovative platform technology that enhances the accessibility and diagnostic capabilities of non-invasive testing. Their unique approach to testing, using a mobile phone as a clinical-grade scanner, has garnered attention and recognition from the industry and consumers alike. In this Startup Showcase, we dive deep into the technology, benefits and potential impact of TestCard.

Revolutionising Healthcare with Platform Technology

TestCard is changing the status quo of healthcare testing by revolutionising the way we conduct non-invasive testing. By employing platform technology through their mobile app, TestCard eliminates the need for traditional testing that often requires multiple appointments, lengthy wait times, and lab fees.

Their platform technology is built on the principle of immediacy and accessibility, enabling users to receive accurate test results from the comfort of their homes or in clinical settings. TestCard’s digital connectivity feature ensures that users can seamlessly integrate their test results into electronic patient record systems, which aids in the delivery of necessary treatments.

Developing Technology to Serve the Masses

TestCard is developed with the masses in mind. The platform technology they employ is user-friendly and cost-effective, making it affordable and accessible for everyone. The technology is also non-invasive, enabling individuals who shy away from invasive methods of testing to get tested. This accessibility, combined with accurate and reliable results, empowers users with more control over their healthcare and aids in early detection, which leads to better outcomes.

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Innovative Technology for a Healthier Future

TestCard is creating a more connected and healthier future by developing innovative technology that is changing the way we conduct non-invasive testing. Their approach to healthcare testing cuts across age, gender, and socio-economic divides, making it the go-to solution for primary healthcare providers and consumers alike. Their technology has also garnered recognition, with TestCard winning multiple awards, including the Digital Health Award, the Digital Award, and the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies Competition.

TestCard’s vision of increased access to diagnostic testing aligns with the NHS’s long-term plan, and as such, they are an essential partner for NHS primary care providers. The partnership is set to increase the accessibility of non-invasive testing for all, delivering personalised care at the touch of a button.


TestCard is changing the face of non-invasive testing in the UK and the world at large. Their user-friendly and affordable platform technology is empowering individuals to take their health into their own hands, leading to early detection of ailments, personalized care, and better health outcomes. We at cannot wait to see what TestCard has in store as they continue their mission of revolutionising non-invasive testing.


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