Startup Showcase: Uplift11 – Revolutionizing Sports Management

Uplift11 is Changing the Game in Sports Management

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Uplift11 is a UK-based sports management agency that is taking the sports industry by storm. With a team of professionals dedicated to maximizing the potential of new and experienced talent in sports, they are revolutionizing the way athletes navigate their careers. In this startup showcase, we explore what makes Uplift11 stand out in the sports management industry.

Who is Uplift11?

Uplift11 is a subsidiary company of Maigmike Consulting Limited, founded by Michael Ede in September 2020. They are an all-encompassing sports leveraging company and platform dedicated to expanding unlimited sporting opportunities to promising athletes. Uplift11 is uniquely positioned to represent talents across multiple sports, providing them with meticulous, thorough, and professional service.

What Makes Uplift11 Different?

Uplift11 operates a positive working environment where all their talents can thrive, making it the single driver of their swift success. Unlike other sports management agencies, Uplift11 focuses on maximizing the potential of their athletes, ensuring their talents translate into tangible results. They go above and beyond to provide their clients with comprehensive services including contract negotiations, public relations, sponsorship deals, and career management.

Uplift11’s Impact

Uplift11’s impact in the sports management industry is unrivaled. They have made significant strides in the domain, including getting featured in notable news platforms for their meticulous and thoughtful service to global sports. Their services have helped galvanize the careers of sporting talents around the world, particularly in Africa. With a growing client base, they have become a household name in the sports management community.

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What’s Next for Uplift11?

As Uplift11 continues to grow, they are expanding their scope of work with other FA-registered intermediaries and sports consultants who are looking to partner with them. They are committed to providing their clients with the best possible service and setting them on a path to success. In the future, their aim is to expand globally and become the go-to sports management agency for athletes around the world.


Uplift11 is a game-changer in the sports management industry, dedicated to maximizing the potential of sporting talents worldwide. With a client-centered approach and a team of professionals committed to success, they are revolutionizing the way athletes navigate their careers.





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