Startup Showcase: Wonder Industries – Revolutionizing Fashion Manufacturing

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Wonder Industries is a London-based B2B online fashion factory that aims to transform the UK and European markets into a decentralised platform offering powerful trade and collaboration tools for both suppliers and fashion brands. Their ultimate goal is to make sourcing and production processes 2X faster, 30% cheaper, and 100% more transparent. In this startup showcase, we take a closer look at Wonder Industries and what they have to offer.

A Fashion Factory Unlike Any Other

Wonder Industries is not your average fashion factory. Instead, it is an online platform that aims to revolutionize the fashion industry by bringing together fashion brands and suppliers in a borderless and completely transparent digital environment. The platform offers an array of powerful trade and collaboration tools that allow teams to work together in real-time and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

The Ultimate Sourcing and Production Solution

Wonder Industries’ algorithms are designed to learn from projects, interactions, and user preferences for products and services on the platform and adjust the search results accordingly. This means that the more time a user spends on the platform, the more effortless and effective the sourcing process becomes. Eventually, the platform transforms into a tailored experience built precisely for the user.

Powerful Trade and Collaboration Tools

One of the unique features of Wonder Industries is its powerful trade and collaboration tools. The platform enables teams to work together on the same project in real-time and consolidate all project communication within one omni-powerful chat. This eliminates the need for juggling communication between phone calls, emails, and messengers.

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Eliminating the Need for E-commerce Solutions

Wonder Industries’ goal is to eliminate the need for companies to develop and support their own e-commerce solutions. Instead, the platform offers a one-stop-shop for all sourcing and production needs, making the process 2X faster, 30% cheaper, and 100% more transparent. This not only saves companies time and money but also streamlines the entire process, making it more efficient and effective.


Wonder Industries is a game-changer in the fashion industry. Their borderless and completely transparent digital environment is unlike anything else on the market, and their powerful trade and collaboration tools make working together on projects a breeze. If you’re looking for a sourcing and production solution that is 2X faster, 30% cheaper, and 100% more transparent, then Wonder Industries is the platform for you.




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