Startup Showcase: VOILO – Empowering UK High Streets with Digital Solutions

Revolutionizing the High-Street Shopping Experience .

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As an increasing number of consumers shift their shopping habits online, high street shops are struggling to keep up with the competition. However, VOILO, a London-based startup, has taken up the challenge of reviving the UK high streets by empowering local shops with digital solutions.

At VOILO, they believe in the power of every business and work towards providing them with equal digital power and outreach through their application. By providing fully integrated end-to-end solutions, VOILO’s platform enables local businesses to attract, acquire, retain and perpetuate customers with incentivising offers that provide exclusive discounts and cashback on every transaction.

Bridging the Gap between Local Shops and Online Shoppers

In a world where convenience is everything, online shopping has taken over the market, pushing local shops to the margins. However, VOILO aims to bridge this gap by providing local shops with a fully integrated reward platform that makes them visible to millions of nearby shoppers. By incentivising shoppers with exclusive discounts and cashback, VOILO encourages them to support local shops and enables businesses to drive customer footfall.

Moreover, VOILO’s reward platform is designed to capture valuable data that businesses can use to get insights into customer behaviour and preferences. By leveraging data-driven insights, local shops can enhance the shopping experience for their customers and drive sales growth.

Supporting Small Businesses in Time of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the UK high streets hard, with many small businesses struggling to stay afloat. As a digital solutions provider, VOILO has stepped up to support local shops in these challenging times. By providing a platform for local shops to connect with their customers, VOILO has helped businesses to endure the crisis and emerge stronger.

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As the economy gradually recovers, VOILO’s platform can play a vital role in revitalizing the UK high streets. By empowering local businesses with digital solutions, VOILO is capable of bringing back life to local high streets and securing a brighter future for small businesses.


VOILO’s mission to empower local businesses with digital solutions and incentivising rewards is a game-changer for the UK’s high-street shopping experience. By providing businesses with end-to-end solutions, VOILO is enabling them to thrive in this digital age and build a sustainable future. As we move forward into the post-pandemic world, VOILO’s platform could be the answer to revitalizing the UK high streets and supporting small businesses across the country.


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