Unveiling the Exciting Media and Entertainment Startups in England

Embracing Innovation and Revolutionizing the Industry.

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The media and entertainment landscape in England is constantly evolving, with startups at the forefront of innovation. These companies are reshaping the way we consume content, interact with technology, and experience entertainment. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable startups that are making waves in the media and entertainment industry.

CryptoMeNow: Simplifying Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

CryptoMeNow aims to demystify the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With a mission to make these complex technologies accessible to all, CryptoMeNow provides easy-to-understand educational resources and insights. By bridging the knowledge gap, this startup is empowering individuals to explore the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

ImmVRse: Pioneering Hybrid VR Content Distribution

Combining augmented reality, blockchain, and virtual reality, ImmVRse introduces a decentralised hybrid VR content distribution platform. This innovative startup revolutionizes the way immersive experiences are created and shared. ImmVRse offers a platform for content creators, developers, and users to connect and explore the vast possibilities of VR.

Footbolé: Redefining Football Culture for the New Generation

Footbolé is a cultural phenomenon, catering to the next generation of football fans. By leveraging shareable content, data, and effective distribution strategies, Footbolé is creating a defining brand in the digital media landscape. This startup captivates football enthusiasts with engaging and relevant content, reimagining the way we connect with the beautiful game.

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Parable Works: A Fusion of Virtual Reality and Television

Parable Works emerges as a leading virtual reality and television studio and agency. Through their expertise in advertising, broadcasting, film production, and marketing, Parable Works pioneers immersive storytelling experiences. This startup is at the forefront of merging the realms of TV and virtual reality, offering captivating and unforgettable narratives.

The Art Show: Entertainment for a Global Audience

The Art Show is a groundbreaking television series that caters to a global audience. With a diverse range of entertainment, sports, news, and magazines, this startup sets the stage for engaging content across various genres. The Art Show aims to captivate viewers and provide a dynamic viewing experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Face2trade: Protecting Reputations through Quality Ad Services

FACE2TRADE is on a mission to safeguard its reputation as a premier producer of quality advertising services. By excelling in advertising platforms, internet marketing, mobile advertising, and publishing, this startup ensures that clients receive top-notch ad solutions. FACE2TRADE’s commitment to excellence sets the stage for a trusted and reliable ad service provider.

ZyCrypto: A Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Media Outlet

ZyCrypto serves as an online media outlet specializing in cryptocurrency news, expert opinions, analysis, and reviews. This startup keeps its audience informed about the latest developments and trends in the world of cryptocurrencies. ZyCrypto provides a valuable resource for both seasoned investors and newcomers, fostering a well-informed cryptocurrency community.

E3 Media: Empowering Brands through Digital Marketing

E3 Media stands as a digital marketing agency, empowering brands to excel in the digital landscape. With expertise in advertising, digital media, and social media, E3 Media develops effective strategies to enhance brand visibility and engage target audiences. This startup helps businesses navigate the evolving digital world and achieve their marketing objectives.

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Gondoli: Curating Web-Based Travel Content

Gondoli is a web-based travel platform that curates editorially reviewed content for travel enthusiasts. This startup provides a reliable resource for individuals seeking comprehensive and trustworthy travel information. By combining business information systems, digital marketing, and social media, Gondoli facilitates unforgettable travel experiences.

BOLT Global: Leading the Way in Web3 Solutions

BOLT Global emerges as a leading company in Web3 solutions for the media and entertainment industry. This startup spearheads innovative approaches to enhance the TV viewing experience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, BOLT Global pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of media and entertainment.

Meanwhile: A Curator of Video Reactions

Meanwhile introduces a unique concept as a video curator with reaction. This startup enables users to explore a vast collection of curated videos accompanied by real-time reactions. By providing an interactive and engaging platform, Meanwhile amplifies the entertainment value of video content.

ViralMash: Entertainment at Your Fingertips

ViralMash is an entertainment website that offers a wide array of captivating content. This startup caters to users seeking entertainment, music, news, and social news in a single destination. ViralMash curates trending and engaging content to keep users entertained and informed.

LADmob: Redefining Entertainment Experiences

LADmob is an entertainment startup that introduces novel and captivating experiences to its audience. This company seeks to redefine entertainment by pushing the boundaries and challenging conventional norms. LADmob is a disruptor in the industry, providing unique and unforgettable entertainment offerings.

Discover Film: Technology Platform for Short Form Video

Discover Film is a technology platform dedicated to short form video content, with a focus on mental health, wellbeing, and entertainment. This startup provides a space for creators and viewers to explore captivating and inspiring videos. Discover Film harnesses technology to promote wellbeing and create an inclusive community.

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OTHERWORLD: The Brick-and-Mortar Metaverse

OTHERWORLD introduces an immersive metaverse through a network of multi-sensory immersion pods. This startup combines elements of digital entertainment, hospitality, leisure, video games, and virtual reality. OTHERWORLD’s innovative approach to entertainment offers users a truly transformative experience.


The media and entertainment startups showcased in this article highlight the vibrancy and innovation in England’s tech ecosystem. From simplifying blockchain to revolutionizing the VR experience, these startups are reshaping the industry landscape. As these companies continue to push boundaries and challenge norms, the future of media and entertainment looks promising in the United Kingdom.

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